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By: Alex Daniel
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When you are born, you are nothing but a small crying "thing".
Time passes and you try to walk for the first time. First you fall down and start crying...But you get back up and try again..and again... knowing that with each fall you are closer to your dream.

And you finally do it, full of bruises...but walking.

We all know this story. Hey, are we walking or not?

Unfortunately this might have been the last time in so many people's life when they had the courage to follow a dream no matter how many times they fail.

It is so hard to achieve anything these days because everyone keeps telling you what to do. Parents, friends, media tell you what career you should follow, when you should get married and things like this.
And their only argument for giving you advices is "This is the safe way...".

Now my question to them would be "What did you actually achieve using this, so called, safe way?". I'm sure that half of them will answer something like "Well I got a well paid job, a house and a car...and oh..I've got a dog to... " and if I ask "So are you happy? Is this the life you've always dreamed about?" they'll answer "well...yes..Of course I'm happy...". Now that's very convincing, what can I say...

My point is that, ironically, exactly the people who don't have great achievements tend to give you advices. If you somehow want to make a radical change in your life, let's say you want to quit your job and start a business, everyone will jump off their seats and yell:"What?? A business? Think about the risks...What happens if you fail? You'll end up homeless. You should better play it safe...".

It's the fear speaking for them, the fear you might succeed where they failed. They gave up on their dreams along the way. They bumped in the first obstacle and they gave up. They now want you to do the same so their ego remains unaffected.

If anyone in your social circle does this, he or she is a very selfish person and is not your friend.

But if you tell your "crazy idea" to someone who has tasted success he or she will not only listen to you but will even encourage you to do it no matter what the obstacles are. Because this person knows how many times he or she had to fail in order to succeed just once.

We see the world champion...but we don't see the hundreds of hours of trainning behind.

What I'm trying to say is that no matter what you want to do you should remember that there is a learning process. If you quit after the first bump or worse, you don't even try because you are afraid of failure....you're sabotaging yourself.

Succes can not exist without failure. Period.

You won't become that cool skateboarder if you don't get a taste of the asphalt while trainning.

You won't become a great boxer if you don't get your butt kicked a few times.

You try....

You fail...

You learn your lesson...

You try again...

Then you succeed.

Mistakes transform a child into a man and actually this is what life is all about. The ability to make a mistake and learn something from it.

Just like a baby trying to walk...

Now..will you find inside you that courage to try and fail?

Are you ready to fail?

Because if you're not...trust me,you're not ready for success either...


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