Meditate Your Way to Becoming Famous by Morning

By admin / March 12, 2009
By: Mark Lewis
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So you want to become famous by morning?

You want to be successful, renowned, famous and/or wealthy.

In that case you need to develop the traits of a successful person.

A successful person is creative and a successful person is intuitive. A successful person is not afraid to venture into the unknown, take risks or rely on their instincts.

Successful people are confident and stead sure of themselves and the decisions they make. They see their success as recognition of their faith and belief in their ideas and failures as a learning experience and means to personal growth.

Successful people emit the positive vibrations of the life force and so receive the same in return. They have aligned their consciousness either knowingly or unknowingly with universal forces and are so living out the good karma of this or previous lifetimes.

This is not what some people call luck, good fortune or mere coincidence.

From the Bible, Galations VI "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap". It means 'your deeds, good or bad, will repay you in kind'.

It sounds so wonderful to be in such harmony with life and nature that all goes as you plan. That positive thoughts and actions bring about successful outcomes.

But if this is not you at the moment, how do you bring about such a life? How do you enter a state that fulfills desires, that allows dreams to prosper?

Self reflection in an effort to enhance personal growth is one method. Consciously doing positive deeds is another.

One of the most powerful methods is to increase concentration through meditation.

Through the practice of meditation we travel on the path of harmony, good health, inner peace and blissful contentment. This is the harmonious state that successful people sit within.

But a meditative state can be difficult at first for the beginner. Many people new to meditation get disheartened as they try to calm the chatter of the mind. This constant focus on their inability to achieve calm as they meditate is alone what is blocking their ability to move forward.

Our mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. Thoughts arouse the intellect, this then gives the intellect an excuse to ask questions.

Observation is the nature of self, so as we meditate you need to just witness.

Observation of the breath can be a physical diversion to the monkey chatter of the mind.

So sit comfortably and stable, chin up and fingers clasped. Let the energy fields circulate around you. The eyes are the doors to your mind. But we want to shut off the mind for a while so it is necessary to close our eyes.

Now breathe...and relax.

Just breathe and relax

...and meditate your way to a successful life and becoming Famous By Morning!

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