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By admin / April 9, 2011
By: SA Perillo
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Let's say the next thing you realize you're an old man, nearing the end of your list for life and you start to take into consideration how it all went down. You could have been happy, you might have been content, and you could have been thankful. The importance of these matters cannot be understated. But wouldn't it be a little better if you could point to a life list of pursued dreams that you accomplished in your life?

For me following your dreams will be one of the biggest factors (if not the biggest) in looking back on your life happy, content and thankful. Creating this life list is easily one of the most important actions you can make that you experienced.
What is a life list?

Otherwise known as your bucket list, something like, "Before I die I want to do _____!" This is where things get fun! Your list is unique to you, and it is for no one but you. So feel free to put whatever the crap you want to on there!

If this is the first time you try to write a life list, do not get overwhelm with the whole idea. Your items don't have to be just long-term they can be short term if you want. There is no timeline to accomplishing the things you want to in your list for life, and there is no mandatory "dream-size" for items to be in order to be qualified for your list. You can preserve it hidden under the gun in that shoebox in your closet, or you can show it to the world online. The core to this process is one simple question that will lend to an intriguing answer all your own
What is your ideal list for life?

If you had the money on the planet, what would you do? I know you probably don't a million dollar bank-roll, but forget about that. Concentrate on this exercise… and frankly, the things you end up writing down can in most cases be done inexpensively, or free even.

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