Life Is Not Like a Novel

By admin / December 5, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Life is not like a novel. There is never real closure. Yet closure is frequently what we seek. We like to have things come to a logical conclusion, to get things tucked into bed. Life is more cyclical than it is linear. As one door closes, another opens.

Thus where a novel will usually have a clear beginning and an end there is in fact no real conclusion or end in life. Life goes on in so very many ways. A conclusion in life is only arrived at when one decides that they have reached their closure. It is ones own interpretation of events that allows closure and each person can have a very different viewpoint.

In one moment we can be in the present and yet our thoughts can also be in the past and in the future. We can in our minds be in many different times and places all at the one time. Our emotions also travel through time and space and we can experience great emotional impact through recall, imagination and visualization.

If you are looking for closure you will only find it from within your own mind. Events and life around you are constantly moving and changing, and if you wish to keep up then you too have to move from one moment to the next. Closure comes from developing the ability to let things go, to leave selected past events and their emotional impact in the past, instead of bringing them forward into the present.

But our minds are designed to retain information automatically, and the more emotionally charged anything is, the better it is retained within ones subconscious mind. Thus the more something upsets you the better you remember and recall it.

This is a very useful trait when the upset caused relates to dangers that might occur again. If you have encountered a rattle snake in rough ground near your home then it's pretty useful to retain the memory that rattle snakes have made that area their habitat and respect that fact.

But if you constantly retain a memory of being hurt in a relationship and apply a fear of getting hurt to every subsequent possible partner, then this trait is not always very helpful. In this type of case one benefits from letting go of the past and moving on with less negative emotional expectations.

I could provide many examples here of situations where ones ability to recall upset or fear gets in the way of present happiness and success. This can happen in both small and big ways. It even happens on the golf course, where you recall hitting out of bounds on a particular hole and you stand there next time round unintentionally feeling that fear.

When your instinctive memories and recall are getting in the way of your present you can decide to take control of them and attain closure in your own mind and emotions. Hypnosis is very helpful in this task as it allows you to access your subconscious mind.

This is the part of your mind where these types of memories and associated emotional reactions are stored. In hypnosis you can easily desensitize your emotional response and learn to focus clearly upon the present moment, without dragging unnecessary upset and fears into the present.

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