Learning Hypnosis – Concept and Way to Start

By admin / January 8, 2010
By: Tommy Mountain
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Can you learn hypnosis and as it is so - how to do it? Start by saying that you do not need to learn it because you already know it. What you need to learn is how to control it, make it stronger, deeper and how to use it for your own benefit! At first let me start with basics on human mind - this will give you one of the best possible answers for question what hypnosis is. True learning comes from understanding how the things work.

We can divide a human mind into three parts:

- unconscious mind,

- subconscious mind,

- conscious mind

Unconscious mind

This part of mind control all the unconscious processes like breathing and hear-beat rate, biological process and generally everything your body/minds needs to do but you don not to be aware of it. for example when sometimes you drive a car, arrive at the place and "wake up" saying "how i got here so fast?" you may want to know that first of all - you were in a state of hypnotic trance, second - you were more than safe because your unconscious mind was driving for you.

Subconscious mind

Place of permanent memory which works like a library or video shop with each and every second of your life. You can also compare it to black box in a plane. Its a place that stores your habits and beliefs and this makes it a work field of hypnosis. It has a very specific and unique feature which I will call a super achiever. What that means? Basically it means that whatever beliefs are in here the subconscious will do everything to achieve it. For example if you believe that you always get in a wrong place at a wrong time you may find yourself looking for your payout check in a building that will get blown up in two minutes. In addition you drop that check accidentally and of course you needed it to pay your rent. However funny or scary it sounds it is a perfect explanation of how your subconscious mind work so watch out for any dangerous beliefs you may have!

Conscious mind

It is a very analytical part of you. It checks details, asks questions on how everything work and also it contains a critical factor. To describe a critical factor in a more imaginative way let us say it is a guard-dog of your mind. Whenever a new information comes it validates it with information and beliefs stored in subconscious mind and if they are in conflict it simply does not let information "pass the gates". If there is nothing to validate or compare to it puts in a section which we can call "possible".

When we want to change something in our life so we learn, we read and we do our bests but sometimes expected effect simply does not want to show up. This is probably because of critical factor. We might have some belief that blocks new information. We can do a lot of things but if you ask me the best one is... hypnosis!

Actually a definition of hypnosis by USA government is as follows: a technique to bypass critical factor of mind and establishment of accepted, selective thinking. You already know the first one and the second one is simply our conscious approval of selected message. If you were given a suggestion with which you do not agree you would simply don not allow it to go to your mind.

If there is a state of mind in which you can learn things best it is a state of hypnotic trance. After this explanation we can get to learning hypnosis. Let me put this process in a few simple steps:

1. Develop a belief that you want to learn it and how to or even better develop one in which you already know how to hypnotize not only yourself but others!

2. Start with practicing on yourself. Once you hypnotize yourself you will be able to hypnotize other people.

3. Practice your voice, in a matter of a fact it is enough that you lower your sound on the last part of the word, speak and a slow and monotonous manner. As in practice hypnosis works when critical factor is "asleep" your task is to make "him" bored and wanting to take a break!

4. Propose to your friends a hypnotic experience and ask which new beliefs they would like to put in their lives. You can also start with your partner and improve your relationship.

5. Keep learning. Read books, get some hypnosis tapes or check how professional hypnotherapists work, after that you may think of getting a training or course, honestly if you look you can find loads of them all around!

It is simple as that and now you know everything you need to start. Make a proper belief and check out technique from my instant self hypnosis article!

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