It Takes One to Know One

By admin / October 16, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Many of us recall a time when we were taunted by this phrase in childhood. One kid calls another some sort of rude name and the other replies with "it takes one to know one". I wonder though how many of us thought as children about the origins of this phrase?

As with many terms and phrases, children tend to repeat that which they have heard without truly thinking about the meaning or origins. It is simply a useful phrase to use, a good way of answering back and defending oneself from taunts. But like any other phrase, it would have most likely have first been said by an adult before being repeated by the child.

This phrase displays deep insight. A comparable phrase might be "it takes a thief to catch a thief". I received an email from someone the other day in which the author explained how he had come to understand that the labels that his dad had taunted him with (lack of self confidence and a self defeatist attitude) had in fact come directly from his father.

We do inevitably quite often reflect and display similar attributes to those of our parents. Sometimes we can see the likeness, whilst at other times we may be blinded to the reality of the situation. Many times we try to be very different from our parents, and sometimes we achieve this aim whilst at other times we do not.

The fact is that we are shaped by the experiences we encounter and those who we live with guide us in our attitudes and behavior, whether that is intentional or not. We are conditioned both consciously and subliminally by the happenings that we are exposed to.

If as an adult you discover that you do not like some of your attitudes, habits or behaviors you do not have to remain "stuck" with them. You can change them.

Have you ever read the story of the two Monks crossing the river? They come across a rude and abusive woman who cannot swim. The elder Monk nevertheless picks her up and carries her across the river. She remains rude and abusive even as she is returned to dry land. The Monks walk on until eventually the elder Monk asks the younger what is bothering him. He explains how upset he is that the woman was not thankful and appreciative. The elder Monk says "Brother, I put her down at the side of the river, you are still carrying her with you".

None of us have to carry past negativity with us. We can choose to let it go and to move on with our lives. Hypnosis is a great aid when one wishes to change deep-rooted thoughts, beliefs and behaviors because it allows you to access your subconscious mind. With hypnosis it is easier to see clearly what is stored in your mind and also to change what is there.

With hypnosis you can let things go and see things from a different angle. You can in this way take control of your life and choose the direction of your focus.

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