How To Drive Success In Your Life With Thought Action

By admin / April 20, 2010
By: John Halderman
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Most people are seeking success in life, with a business, in relationships, with money, learning a new skill, or enjoying basic happiness. Many have said that success with anything in life is based on the actions you take towards the end goal, which is true. And many say that success only comes as a result of your thinking in the right ways, which is true as well.

What is not usually clearly stated is the relationship of the two together. They are both necessary, and must be done properly to realize the success you are after. What do I mean by this? Well, action is how we get anything done, the question is, what are you taking action on? Is a particular action the best place to focus your attention and energies? This now opens a can of worms actually, where several factors can be involved.

Basically, you take an action because you think it is the best thing to do, but who says? More, which part of you said that this was the best action? Your thought is comprised of different parts, and they each have specific characteristics. Just because you get a thought about doing something does not mean it's the best action to take, depends on where the thought came from. You can succeed from taking any action, but is the success what you really want?

Your conscious mind is the thinking that you do consciously, that you control directly. Now, this is one of the least used faculties of our mind believe it or not. All the thoughts that you are aware of all day long are not usually from your conscious mind, or from your active conscious thinking. Just because you are aware of these thoughts does not mean that you purposefully engaged in them, you are just aware because they have come up into your awareness.

Most thoughts come from the unconscious areas of your mind, which is where your body is operated from and where your ego mind is located. Most of the thoughts here are automated patterns for the purpose of simplifying your conscious thought burden. You certainly wouldn't want to have to think consciously about controlling all your body functions.

Well also here are the patterns or habits of thought that are your ego, which want's to keep you from discomfort, to help you feel good. The ego is known for helping you to feel good at any cost, which is why people can do selfish things. Actions such as control, lying, bragging, putting others down, addictions, and a host of common behaviors are attributed to this automatic thought.

The other feature of your unconscious thinking is the automation of many thoughts and feelings that have to do with how you see the world and how you will react in related situations. This way, again, you won't have to consciously figure it all out each time a related situation comes up.

Now all these automatic faculties are good in that they keep a lot of thought out of our conscious responsibility, however, much of the programming that you have now is based on older perceptions and interpretations of situations that happened in your past. These may not be the most applicable to your life now, or they might not support something you are wanting to accomplish or succeed at.

For example, if you felt hurt real bad emotionally from a relationship, your mind will try to help you by using the same thoughts and reactions when you get into another relationship. Or, now you may feel good about doing something to make more money, but in the past you held contempt for well-off or rich people, your mind will still have thought patterns that serve your past feelings.

What this comes down to is, that you may have some automated thought patterns which are not supporting or serving what you now want. It will take you, with your conscious thought to override, or re-write the habitual thinking that you want to change. Doing this takes some effort, which is why many don't do it at all, or don't stick with it long enough. to realize the changes they want.

Just noticing thoughts pouring into your awareness is not thinking. Conscious thinking is directing your conscious mind to think about what you choose to think about, when you want. Einstein did a lot of conscious thinking, the person wandering the streets probably does not. You purposefully guide and direct your thought rather than following whatever shows up. Taking command of conscious thought is how anything great is accomplished.

It takes determination and drive to get yourself to focus your thought and attention to your conscious thinking in order to change those thought habits. Your unconscious mind does accept whatever you put into it via your conscious thought. So, if you spend most of your time worrying and moaning about what you don't have and can't do, you are just feeding the existing patterns. The only action you can take from the thought of, "I don't have enough money" is more of the same thoughts!

You will need to take command of your conscious thinking and purposefully control your thoughts. And to do this you must have a compelling reason to motivate you to take this action with your thoughts. Yes, I said action with thought. Purposeful conscious thought is action. This is vastly different from just noticing what thoughts come up. Once you have some command of your thinking, you will be able to identify which thoughts are the ones to 'listen' to in regards to taking physical action towards your desires.

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