Grab the Opportunities, It Never Comes Again

By admin / September 11, 2009
By: Nick Mutt
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Grabbing the opportunity is a big challenge in our life. If we are success to grab the right opportunity at the right time, we will get great success in our life. In this article we have discussed that how to grab opportunity? And how to react or respond opportunity?

How to grab the opportunities? It depends how we react or respond to the opportunities that life presents us is an important key to accomplishing in life.

When presented with an opportunity one person may utilize or grab it while another may pay no attention to it or feel indifferent to it. Those who grab it are put on the fast track to success while those who ignore it stay where they are on regress. Most individuals do not pay attention or they do not realize the importance of opportunities. They respond to opportunity in a lethargic manner over a prolonged of time.

If we pay more attention in our lives, if we are open and our attitudes, opinions, and practice don't get in the way, we will be keen to grab new opportunities when they come our way; opportunities that can create the difference between ordinary success and great success in life.

As we have discussed because we are not paying enough attention to recognize and respond positively to opportunities that come our way, often people take action to opportunities in a lethargic manner. That prolonged and troubled, occurs in lots of person's lives, and tends to show it in consistent patterns. Let's then look at this pattern in terms of two persons, one Britney, the superstar of pride and prejudice, and a struggler in the present times.

Both are presented with an opportunity and both responds in a similar way, indicating distinct patterns of response to the opportunity, matched by a tricky personal growth. The general phases in the process we have again and again witnessed when a great opportunity comes our way are in chronological order of occurrence:

* Complete lack of consciousness of the great opportunity.
* Unresponsiveness when one finally does become conscious of the opportunity.
* Hostility to the great opportunity.
* Recognition of the possible benefit and importance of the opportunity.
* A real positive response and reaction to the opportunity.
* An impatience to grab the opportunity; even an extreme anxiety to gain it.
* Experiencing emotionally and physically the full delight that the opportunity present.
* A recognition of one's mistakes and limitations that prevented one from ceasing the opportunity in the first place, or being antagonistic to it.
* Fully grabbing the opportunity, though success at this point may be too later or diluted, or lucky or deep enough change in one's attitudes and mind, full achievement.

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