Defeat Your Headwind To Become Famous By Morning

By admin / February 10, 2009
By: Mark Lewis
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I have often told friends when I go for a bike ride I'd much rather ride up a hill, no matter how steep, than ride into a headwind.

At least up a hill you can see your goal. It's something tangible and as you make your way towards it you can visibly see your progress.

Well I went for a run (not a ride this time) this afternoon and as I turned the corner I was confronted by a strong headwind. And for someone who wouldn't call himself a runner, doesn't have the mental toughness of an athlete, it was discouraging to say the least!

Like an invisible force trying to block your path for reasons unknown I had to fight for every step forward.

As I contemplated walking the next five hundred meters until I turn the corner, I was hit by a revelation:

Running into the wind is like coming up against barriers within your subconscious!

Have you ever tried to achieve something (a number of times) and been unable to succeed?

Be it a business venture, relationships, personal development or career?

If you have been finding roadblocks at every turn or juncture, odds are that your subconscious has been programmed with a negative conditioning or pattern that is not conducive to the conscious desires you seek to attain.

Like a headwind, the most frustrating thing about a subconscious belief is that you cannot see your foe to confront them, work out a resolution or solution. Quite often you don't even know they exist!

Do you plough on regardless or throw in the towel?

How do you overcome such a cunning and stealthy adversary? How do you defeat your "headwind"?

With running or riding into a headwind it was a simple matter of changing the thought process. Instead of being demoralized by the relentless pressure of the wind, it was met with a steely resolve to overcome the challenge. This is more of a conscious decision that is easier to maintain.

The process to eliminate the "headwinds" in your subconscious is a bit more involved.

Re-birthing or re-breathing is one such method that can root out emotional blockages. Regressing your mind sometimes as far back as the womb, you can uncover subconscious conditioning that has affected and directed you for many years.

In the hands of a qualified practitioner you can develop a greater understanding of yourself and make changes for the better.

That way you can be 'born again' to become Famous By Morning!

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