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By admin / January 9, 2009
By: Nicci Barnes
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Life on this planet is like living on the "holodeck." You can program the holodeck to experience anything that you desire without fear of harm because there are safety protocols built right in that guaranty your safety.

For those who do not know what a holodeck is, it's an imaginary room controlled by a computer used on the Star Trek series Voyager. Any life like experience you desire can be played out in this room and you interact with photon images that have mass and are three dimensional. The images look and act lifelike and they interact with you in real time.

For safety the program has built-in protocols that control the computer so you are not injured. The creator of the Star Trek series, "Gene Rodenberry" now deceased, used the series to express his higher spiritual awareness and his stories expressed the nature of past and future human relations.

Life is very much like the holodeck, in that before we are born we choose our parents and birth time that will best facilitate the human condition we wish to experience in the physical world. It is not possible for the spirit/soul to be injured and the body is only a vehicle for the soul. There are safety protocols in place to protect the body while experiencing physical life. Not unlike the holodeck, the user or ego can override the safety protocols.

Those of us, who seek abundance, attract abundance to us, but why don't we attract the millions that we want? Why don't we attract the relationships and happiness that we desire? Why is it doled out to us in dribs and drabs?

The answer is fairly simple, and that is we are not ready for it. With abundance comes power, and most humans are afraid of the awesome power that they are. Intuitively we all know that the power to create is not within us or around us or anywhere else; it is us. With that awesome power is the burden for using it, and for the immature human ego, that is too much responsibility. So humanity limits itself in the subconscious to only the power that it is comfortable in using - it has built-in safety protocols which protects it.

Over millennia humanity has demonstrated that it cannot control its own power. Kings and dictators with unlimited power best demonstrate what happens when power is accessed by the immature mind - they eventually destroy themselves. Those who have grown up with power and have been guided well, survive to use it effectively.

Although I seldom move past the Food Channel on TV, I will occasionally scan the channels. I don't have to go too far to see how young people - sports figures and movie stars in particular, best demonstrate what happens with money, power, drugs and unlimited access. Matches in the hands of children will destroy them.

In my own life, I grew up in an impoverished family and we would fight with the dog for table scraps. After I grew up and moved out on my own, things changed somewhat and I discovered the meaning of having abundance. But I also blew it several times and did not manage it very well.

I always have a little abundance and attract what it is that I need or want at the time. But I don't have the $31,000,000.00 that I want. In the past I have not demonstrated the maturity or balance that is needed to use the 31 million responsibly and therefore the safety protocols are activated and are holding me back. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I can have the money and the other things that I desire when I can learn to manage my present circumstances responsibly.

It is not that I have any addictions or habits to sponsor; there is nothing obvious except that I like to spend money, and it is uncomfortable to have it and not spend it. I have a bank balance that keeps calling to me and I listen.

There are some understandable reasons for my spending and I am aware of them, however, I have not had the strength to overcome them. Fear is my enemy and it is activating the safety protocols. I will experience abundance in all aspects of my life when I lose the fear of having it.

Most all of us use abundance as a means or a way of achieving happiness. We constantly say to ourselves, "if I have this or do that, I will be happy" but happiness may not come with the experience of having or doing. If we are unable to express our happiness with what we have now, we will not able to maintain any kind of happiness with it.

The way to attract more abundance to you is to start using what you already have wisely in all the ways which express your happiness. As you begin to express your happiness in even greater ways, you will attract more abundance to compensate. Thirty one millions dollars sitting in a bank account is the same as having nothing, and all you really have is a word called "access" - it's there collecting a little interest, but is that a responsible way of using it?

If you are experiencing happiness in your life, then you are using your abundance wisely and you will be able to manage any increased abundance that comes your way. To facilitate future abundance a formal personal plan of spending sets the stage for how you will handle it responsibly.

Unfortunately having a plan does not guaranty that you will use it the way you have outlined in your plan. Once the money is in your hands things change drastically. Instant power to have or do just about anything you desire is like drinking an entire bottle of whiskey at once. It's not going to have the desired effects and you will pay later - immature minds will get drunk on power.

To manage great abundance requires a long term relationship with it or wisdom accepted from one who has the experience. If you expect to receive large amounts of money or other abundance, you must be prepared for it. Money or abundance was never meant to destroy lives but to enhance it. When you are ready the abundance will come. Get your affairs in order and begin to plan for it.

Are you ready for abundance and success? The answer is most likely no; otherwise you would already have it - unless of course you would use it to destroy yourself.

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