Understanding the Effects of Stress on Our Health

By admin / October 26, 2009
By: Nick Mutt
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This article will provide essential information about the effects of stress on our health and how to deal with it. To manage the stress, identify the root cause of stress, know how a body reacts to stress, and know how not dealing with stress can be injurious to health. Most people know the word stress. Nonetheless, many do not know how to identify when they are stress or how to deal with it. Some of the managing strategies are abilities that are taught in other lessons in the manual and some of the abilities can be practiced. However, several managing strategies will only be discussed.

If a person begins thinking about an exam he has take and his palms begin to sweat, his heart beats increases, and his stomach feels upset, his normal body state has changed. Thus, thinking about exam is a stressor. If those changes occur while taking the exam, taking the exam is a stressor. Discuss changes in the body that happen when a person is in under pressure. This is because an anger provoking condition is a stressor.

A person goes through the following changes when under pressure: increase in the discharge of stored energy to provide the body more control and stamina, increase in blood flow carrying oxygen to the brain, dilation of the pupils to allow more light to enter the eyes, increase in perspiration, increase in heart beats and blood pressure, and decrease in the digestion process. These changes make sense when the stressor is being attentive in a burning structure compared to thinking about a exam. Yet, the body does not distinguish between stressors. Furthermore, these changes can interfere with a person's performance when the stressor is not life intimidating If a person is under pressure, his body will have at least some of the response to some degree.

Discuss the troubles linked with not dealing with stress properly. Too much stress or pressure along with not coping properly can lead to poor health. How stress increases the probability of poor health is complex. Overall, once the body has reacted to pressure or stress, it requires getting back normal. The process of trying to get the body back to its usual state makes it harder to fight of infections and cope with a disease. Even though it does not assurance that you will get sick, going through this process constantly does increase the likelihood of ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer.

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