To Manage Time is Important To Manage Stress

By admin / September 2, 2009
By: Walters Nancy
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Effective time allocation can help you lead a more healthy life and render you more productive, with satisfactory work and relaxation time. Or, poor time management can not only lead to poor productivity but also unjustified amounts of stress.

Activity records are one of the most vital tools in resource management. They help you utilise your time better, so that you can reduce time consumption on certain activities and eliminate time-wasting ones. In this fashion, you get extra time for work and your total efficiency increases.

Keeping a record of various activities will help you know the areas where you waste your time. You might just be whiling away browsing the web, traveling, reading mails, talking and the like.

a couple of weeks of carefully maintained activity record can help expose to you quantity of time wasted in your daily schedule. You can then use the data by working on yourself ; for example, by getting rid of unacceptable habits. Sort your daily mail into classes of 'read now' and 'read later'. You'll find the read later category of mails is typically insignificant. What's more, allocate a particular period of time of the day to read your mails.

If you have several tasks to do in a very short duration, then work through the list and see if there are any tasks that can be delegated to someone who is not as overloaded as you may be, and who can help you with it.

Try to seek additional time for the jobs you need to accomplish. Also, ensure that you leave some space for emergency time. Such time proves beneficial when you are baffled with sudden scenarios.

Prioritize well. This is another golden rule of time allocation. Ask as to which task demands more of your attention. You need to also be in a position to figure out if you should be doing a given task at a given point of time. Prioritize your tasks and you'll manage your time better.

Time management takes practice. Ask yourself whether the task handy is what you want or need to be doing at this actual moment. If the answer's yes, by all means, go ahead and do it.

Assign a proper place for all your belongings and develop a habit to keep your things in the right place. This way you will never have to search for any of your belongings and you will thus save a lot of time.

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