The Natural Method For Reducing Stress Levels For Night Shift Nurses

By admin / July 10, 2010
By: Wolfgang Hofbauer
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Everybody you know is about to go to bed and you are heading off to work

Welcome to the stressful yet rewarding life of a night shift nurse

I was speaking to a nurse that is currently on night shift for a while and she seemed to me to be under some stress. The longer we spoke the more I decided that I was right about her being under some stress.

It wasn't financial stress, as one would think these days, but she told me that she does not sleep well with the constant changes needed in her sleeping patterns to go from night shift to day shift and back again.

I could relate to some of her stress inducing situation as I spent some 2 years on night shift some time ago. However, luckily I did not have to swap between day shift and night shift all the time, like she has to. Once my body adjusted it became simpler for me but still sleeping during the hot summer days was not easy. I started to suffer from "Lack of Sleep" induced stress, just as she was showing signs of.

Get enough Good Sleep or Die!

This sounds harsh but if you look at it we can not survive if we do not get enough good quality sleep and YES, we can die from a lack of it.

As we continued our discussion she asked me what I do to get the required amount of sleep, as she sensed that I have an answer for her. I simply had to tell her just how simple it was for me to have as much sleep as i needed and when i needed it.

The Stress Levels of our Nurses on Night Shift are high when you take into consideration the Job related Stress Levels and the Sleep related Stress Levels.

I told her about this little ground breaking device called Pzizz. I was blown away by this when I first came across it and I am now a devoted user and benefit greatly from the powernaps I take with it.

She loved the idea that it is possible to have this on your PC, Laptop or as a unit around the same size as a mobile/cell phone. With the set of earphones she would be able to find a quite corner during her breaks and take a time controlled powernap.

How much better can it get?

Those were her words when I showed her the unit.

Check out this great method on How To Reduce Stress Levels when you are a night shift Nurse by taking powernaps and see for yourself. Make the investment in sleep and a better life.

I can only hope that you will get the same great benefits that I have received as I know they are possible for each and every one of you.

You see my Nurse friend is not the only person I have told about Pzizz that has loved it and became a convert.

I have been speaking to lots of people at parties and other social gatherings to ensure that I help as many people as possible to reduce their stress levels so they can enjoy life the way it was supposed to be enjoyed.

If you have not checked out my site yet, you are missing out to the answer of your life, if you are suffering from Stress induced by less good quality sleeping habits. Visit it now to get your solution and keep your days energy filled and with reduced stress levels.

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