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Stressed in

Being stressed in refers to the pressure that builds up in you when you cannot release your troubles through normal conversation or exercise or a soothing bath. The pressure of stress of this type has to be treated or it will lead to chemical imbalances in the brain and overreactions in its alarm center. This produces a hyperaroused or anxious state. If you're suffering from frequent bouts of anxiety, your body and mind are signaling that they need more down time to restore balance. Throughout the day, we're confronted with stressful situations. It is critical not to let this stress build up inside you.

Treatment of stress

Treatment of stress isn't just a case of taking some pills. Whether the reason for your stress is apparent or not, the following natural treatments of stress are sure to reduce your worries and anxieties, so you can then look towards the cause.

Treat stress naturally

Taking time out to exercise is number one natural stress treatment. For every 50 minutes you work, take a 10-minute break to reduce your stress level. This can actually make you more productive than working straight through. During at least one of these breaks, do deep breathing. Inhale slowly, allowing the air to push out your abdomen. Exhale slowly, allowing the stomach protrusion to return to normal. For maximum oxygenation and benefit, each exhalation should last twice as long as each inhalation. Treat stress naturally and it will soon fade.

Don't give up

Exercise regularly. Physical activity is necessary to remove waste products, particularly lactic and uric acids, from the muscles and nervous system. In excess, these acids help make you feel edgy. Mild to moderate activity can both prevent and reduce anxiety for up to two hours. Engage in at least 10 to 15 minutes of activity in the morning and afternoon. A brisk walk combined with deep breathing is ideal as a regular way of curbing your inner stress levels.

Natural stress treatment - consumption

For natural stress treatment that works, look at what you are taking in. Reduce caffeine intake. In small, irregular doses, caffeine can be medicinal. It increases bile flow, which stimulates the gall bladder and reduces cholesterol. But in regular doses, it can hinder a number of body systems that are responsible for responding to stress. Work hard to sleep well. Irregular sleep patterns and poor-quality sleep confuse your body. Your body becomes less able to respond appropriately to stress, and you are more vulnerable to anxious feelings. Keep a regular bedtime, even on weekends. Take a hot bath or a brisk walk three hours before bedtime to prime your body for sleep. Avoid naps. Avoid eating heavy meals or consuming alcohol or caffeine in the evening.

Natural treatments to ease stress

Take the herbs listed below daily for three months and then take a two-week break. This strategy will minimize the potential for adverse effects and the risk of becoming psychologically dependent on them. The B vitamins - especially B6 and B12 - help regulate the body's response to stress and maintain a healthy nervous system. Because these vitamins work best in combination with other nutrients, also take a multivitamin-mineral supplement twice a day. Kava is approved as an anxiety and insomnia treatment in many European countries. It can help relieve acute and chronic anxiety without making you feel drowsy or 'fuzzy'. As a natural stress treatment, this is a fast cut to a calmer you.

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