Stress-Factor Causing Lots of Disorders

By admin / June 25, 2008
By: Muhammad Umar
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Defining stress-factor

Stress means body reaction which goes towards transformations requiring a physical, psychic and poignant alterations and responses. There are many factors of stress, but the most common causes of stresses are frustration, worry, irritation, enthusiasm, angriness, nervousness, hypertension, agony, lack of sleeping, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, sensitivity and change in thought process, etc. However, question is raised up here to know about, what are the consequences of stress factor in creating sicknesses? Well, the answer is positive as stress creates ample amounts of sicknesses and diseases in the human body, discussed as under.

Stress causing psychic disorders

Today, depression has become one the largest diseases in the world as a lot of stress factors are remained behind the depression. It is estimated, millions of people are involved in the symptoms of depressions, such as bipolar depression, manic disorder, hypo manic disorder, hyperactivity, schizophrenia, Alzheimer and obsessive compulsive disorder, etc. In this regard, the psychologists have said that stress is the initial sign of depression which converts into a lot of those above mentioned diseases. It is being told by the psychologists that the U.S is the biggest country of depression containing most of the bipolar, schizophrenic, and Alzheimer cases.

Stress-factor leading towards hair loss

Stress causes a mammoth amount of impacts in hairs. The actual power of hair is removed due to stress factor. The surface of hair is dried out. All of a sudden, hairs are falling down quickly and lead the people into worry and depression. It is the belief of modern science that those people have a lesser amount of confidence that have short or declining hairs. So, it is to say that hair loss is the cause of stress-factor.

Shattering immune system and sickness

Immune system is the core health value of a human as it retains and contains the resistant level fighting against certain sorts of diseases and viruses. Stress is one of the causes of disturbing immune system of the human body as it creates a lot of infectious stuffs in the human body which distracts the immune system, hence the digestive function is disturbed and leading the people into absolute sickness. This is merely happened due to stress factor.

Stress-factor causing metabolite sickness

Metabolism plays important roles in keeping the human health enliven and refine. When stress is occurred, the metabolism becomes worst with the passage of time. Whatever foodstuff is taken, the digestion system doesn't respond well, as the stress factor is prevailing upon the cognitive function of the human. Therefore, the nutritional needs and requirements are not fulfilled and the person faces into more and more metabolism problems, sickness, anxiety and depression.

Stress-factor while binge eating

Stress is often caused by binge eating. You would often observe binge eaters while eating a lot than the normal food eaters, so they indulge in stress. In this regard, doctors said that heavy, oily and spicy foodstuffs create obesity and stress factor in most of the binge eaters. It is estimated that millions of binge eaters of the United Stated have been involved in stress which often led them into various others dangerous disorders, such as bipolar depression, hypo manic disorder, Alzheimer, and schizophrenic depression, because the psychoanalysts have said that when the stress is not controlled upon through the necessary psycho therapy, it would then convert into highly profile depression, madness and loss of memory even sometimes.

Stress reproduction while less aptitude of exercise

Stress is mainly occurred due to lack of exercises. The medical doctors have said that lack of exercise is the biggest cause of stress these days in the world, because the food which we take, it doesn't digest properly without putting some kinds of efforts like brisk walking or jogging. So, it is to say that the stress is getting increased day by day and becoming the cause of hypertension, blood pressure, depression, diabetes, gall bladder, digestive disturbances and lack of sleeping, etc.

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