Stress and Heart Care

By admin / March 14, 2011
By: Shiphrah Jessica
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The purpose of this article is to help the average person overcome the stress in their life, so as to decrease the risk of heart disease.

It is common knowledge that stress can lead to heart disease. Stress can be caused by a plethora factors, all of which can handled in a healthy way. If you’re working too many hours a day without breaks, that will lead to emotional stress which can have detrimental effects on your body. It is paramount to your health that you find the time to escape or relax every day, for at least thirty minutes a day.

Your breaks can include anything from reading to working out. Your body and mind need time to escape and relax in order to reduce your stress level. Even though your work day may be very hectic, you must take the time to decrease your stress so as to prevent heart disease. If you are serious about avoiding heart disease and other health issues, you have to dedicate time to reducing your stress level.

One way to reduce your stress is to practice Yoga thirty minutes a day. Yogic breathing exercises build you core muscles and improve your overall balance, and over time, can help you find inner peace and tranquility in hectic situations. Yoga helps to clear your mind and relax your body in a way that few other programs will. There are many ways to access information about how to practice Yoga correctly, from books to videos to classes you can take at a gym.

If Yoga won’t work for you, try something simple like a jog or walk every day. Take your MP3 player and zone out to your favorite music while you walk your stress away. Walking and jogging are total body workouts that require no skill, other than your natural ability to walk. They help to reduce your blood pressure, boost your metabolism and improve your respiratory system. All these benefits will work together to keep your heart healthy and protect it against the threat of disease.

In addition to keeping active, you can reduce stress by dedicating some time to your favorite hobby. Whether it’s reading, watching movies, or putting together jigsaw puzzles, treating yourself to something fun on a regular basis can significantly reduce your overall stress level. If you can find a satisfying way of entertaining yourself, your personal happiness improves, which medical research shows leads to a healthy heart.

There are of course many more ways to reduce your stress, and consequentially improve your heart health. This article was intended to help guide you in a positive direction, and hopefully help you in your quest for a less stressful life and a healthier heart.

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