Panic Anxiety Disorder, Is it Treatable?

By admin / June 11, 2011
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Panic anxiety disorder is a psychological disorder characterized by the spontaneous occurrence of repeated panic attacks. Patients with this condition are attacked with extreme fearfulness with no clear source. These attacks can occur anytime, whenever, many times over.

In America alone, very nearly three million individuals suffer through this illness. Suffering through a panic attack is awful enough, but often these people spend the time in between attacks worrying when the second one will appear. This disorder shows up more regularly in females than males.

What happens during a panic attack? As previously stated, a panic attack can appear out of nowhere and the inherent cause is not easily pinpointed.

Symptoms such as chest pain, sweating, and clammy hands regularly occur during a panic attack.

The length of a panic attack varies from each person, and even from one attack to another. Some panic attacks only endure a couple minutes, but you never know if the following one will last longer. Whatever the nature of the panic anxiety attack, it causes a round of symptoms so distressful that they cause the sufferer to fear having another attack - a fear which can in turn cause them to really have one.

There are two basic groups of panic disorders:

  1. Agoraphobia With Panic Anxiety Disorder -- These patients suffer from an unreasonable fear of any possible cause of their panic attacks. If you have this variety of panic attack disorder, you may be so paralyzed with fear of having another attack that you do not want to exit your home.
  2. Panic Anxiety Disorder Lacking Agoraphobia -- While many of the signs and symptoms are the same, these affected individuals do not fear open or public places. Anxiety is still at hand, but it does not affect the person's life as severely as the first type.

The Cause of Panic Disorder

What caused me to acquire a panic disorder? The precise cause of panic disorder is still not altogether understood. Research has shown that the likelihood of developing anxiety attacks is genetically related. Sometimes a major event in your life, such as moving or having a baby, can drive you to have an anxiety attack.

Panic anxiety causes may also be related to certain medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, withdrawal from medication, or hypoglycemia. If you have used methamphetamine or cocaine, you are at a higher risk of developing a panic attack disorder.

Overcoming Panic Disorder

Panic attacks are happily treatable. They can be treated through therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is known to be most effective), medication, relaxation techniques, counseling and self-help.

A patient suffering from a panic anxiety disorder possibly could find respite through a tactic called exposure therapy, which exposes them to the physical symptoms of a panic attack in the presence of a professional.

Suffering from a panic anxiety disorder can interfere with your maturation and development into a normal human being. With the appropriate treatment, you should be able to get your anxiety under control.

In order to fully overcome anxiety and find relief, you will first need to recognize anxiety causes.

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