How to release Mental Chains

By admin / January 9, 2009
By: Nicci Barnes
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Not everyone is able or willing to look into their inner self and sort out the bad. Not everyone is able to differentiate between what is negative and what is positive. Some things that suppress behavior may be encounters you don't want to deal with or don't see as distasteful or threatening. They may be subtle things long forgotten because you thought they were not important. Begin seeing yourself as successful now. Pay more attention to things of success. Envelop yourself in a shroud of positive thinking. See everyone and everything in a light of its' reality.

Reject the falseness of the dark and embrace the truth because truth is the light that will enlighten you and guide you on the path of being a better more productive person. Look into your past, be objective as you face past encounters, situations and false dogma that's been handed down through society and religion. Mental chains are built one link at a time. It doesn't happen all at once. The more susceptible you are to embracing false influences as truths, then the more damaging they can be.

I don't want to see nudity, pornography, violence, or bad language on my computer, so I filter them out. I set my computer to automatically filter out unwanted material. You have to set your mind to filter out anything that will affect you in making correct decisions in life. Be your own judge, don't let the world's observation's dictate to you or cloud your sensitivity to the truth. Through out all animosities, that hamper your individuality. Remember always, we are created beings made in God's own image and there is no room for compromise.

Religions dogma about "the sinful nature of man", and "it's easer for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle than to enter Heaven". I'm here to say, "sin is a result of man's action, not a cause of man action". Men/women initiate and control sin in his/her life. Sin does not control men/women. You control your destiny by the decisions you make. God gave you the power to resist sin. Have you forgotten, you are created in God's image? Do not allow prior bad decisions to reflect on your present accomplishments.

Write down every thing that you can think of that has ever been a negative experience. What bugs you? What gets your blood boiling? What makes you mad when you hear people talking or when you see TV news program? Think about it, sometimes things or events just set you off. Perhaps as a child you lost the ball game for your team and they jeered you because of it. You were embarrassed and felt belittled, didn't you? Maybe you liked to play cards but every time you lost your brother or sister made fun of you. Being belittled really crushes the ego, right? You worked hard in school but could not get perfect grades. Your mother or father punished you even though you did your best. That really frustrated you and gave you a feeling of helplessness, didn't it?

Well, how about that time you started a small business making bird houses. Remember, everyone told you were crazy and you would fail, well you did. Then they let you know like "I told you so". What a blast to the ego. Now, you fear, being ridiculed and looking bad in front of your peers. You have become beaten because you tried and failed. There is a certain safety in not trying. If you don't try, you know what the outcome will be, right?

You've already been there, only thing is, it isn't working for you, and you have been miserable. Is it worth staying like you are now? Maybe so, just maybe you like pain, disappointment, being the underdog, and always being last. Some people are so swallowed up by the influences of others and the world around them, they can't see escape. They are a slave to their environment. They can't change it, it has imprisoned them.

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.
James Baldwin

Yes, in trying there is risk, uncertainty, and possible letdown, and no one wants to be disappointed. No one promised anyone a rose garden. It doesn't make any difference. The biggest failure is not trying. Throw out all bigotry and false influences. Excess baggage has to go, along with bad relationship residue. You are churning out your reality right now, be sensitive to the people and conditions around you and do not let them become hindrances for the future. It's like I said before, "the past is dead, gone, is no more, so it can't hurt you now. Do something about the things you can and don't worry about the things you can't .

I have a friend who is very successful yet he fears loss of success. The doesn't see himself as worthy for success. People tell him, "it won't last" and it reinforces his fears. I heard a very successful performer on TV expressing her fear of failure. She was concerned that her career could come to and end at any time. She just didn't feel worthy of the success she had. Yet, she worked hard and there was obviously a high demand for her talents. Fear is a nagging master that consumes self-confidence. Fear is an emotion born of the condition of world not of the spirit. As president Theodore Roosevelt once said, "there's nothing to fear but fear itself". This idea would only apply when the physical being is not threatened. If there is a threat to the self, then fear is an awareness mechanism that causes the senses, physical and mental to activate a self-preservation mode. Fear of the unknown is only cautionary.

People are prone to harboring unsubstantiated fear without qualification. The unknown, not understood or distant traumatic experiences create false perceptions that suppress the mind. The mind is deceived by using these suppressants as a control device for gauging incoming information. This information is deciphered into rational assessment for use as defense or support reaction. Your reaction to others hinges on past experiences, known factors and social acceptances. How you relate to someone depends on your perception of them. Perception in humans includes sensitivity, awareness, sensibility, ideology, social balances, ethics, education, sub culture, and outside influences.

Your mind is a physiological stew whose ingredients spill over making up which ever flavor that suites the situation. Each ingredient that goes into the mind can be controlled for maximum performance, if a person is aware of the implications. Some things happen so subtly that they go undetected. In many cases, suppressants are long forgotten and emerge as deterrents many years after the person's initial exposure. When asked "why did you do that", the questioned can only answer, "I don't know." In their reality they have completely erased the negative influence or the influence was not traumatic enough to become a long term memory. That which creates blockages are usually combinations of events. This is where prejudices and pre-judging comes from.

My granddaughter, will not eat certain things, yet when asked why, she responds with, "I just don't like it." She builds a false intolerance for certain things based on her suggestive exposure to things of same color, smell, connotation, media, and association. A friend will not eat anything green. I ask him why and he responded, "my mother made me eat green vegetables when I was young and now as an adult, I don't have to." The underlying message here is, I will no longer do what my mother made me do as a child, period. His association to green vegetables is through his rebellion toward his mother and has nothing to do with the vegetables. There are thousands of examples where people won't do something or reject others because of false barriers, put up by past dislikes.

I had a friend who told me "I'm glad I became his friend, at first I just couldn't stand him." In this case my friend had prejudged her new friend based on past associations with other people. Not necessarily because the new friend had any particular one trigger but could have a combination of physical as well as other subjective things. Body movements, sound and texture of voice, colors, odors and dress also play a large part in perceptional acceptance. In relationships, nothing is what is seems. Most interactions are based on prior erroneous beliefs. Each interaction fortifies or validates the next action which in turn will carry on into the and influence the next relationship possibilities of success of failure.

Submitting to pre emotional disturbances create background influences that manipulate the mind. Critical decisions should not be based on pre assumptions or past experiences. A proven fact is; ten percent of the human population simply cannot commingle. This does not mean all the population has a problem, only ten percent. In the ten monkey theory, when the tenth monkey embraces a learned behavior, all the population suddenly has adapted the behavior. All people have underlying deceptive motivations that cause behavioral idiosyncrasies. This inborn trait of humans tends to distort truths and influence assessment. Accomplishment comes with clear thinking and the confidence in carrying out specific goals.

Building a belief system that defies adages of old ideas that success comes on the back of someone else is essential. There is no glory in poverty or being downtrodden. Society measures you according to your accomplishments. The accomplished have access to places and things that are forbidden to others. Accomplishment comes in different forms, writers, professors, judges, may not be rich, but they are recognized for their achievements and contributions to society. Here are some things that you should be addressing.:

A. Develop a Success Belief System
B. Dispel Cultures Pessimistic beliefs
C. Believe in Your Abilities
D. Believe you are God's Creation
E. Develop Relationship Skills
F. Set Realistic Goals
G. Be Compassionate
H. Enlist Others in Your Quest
I. Focus on Today
J. Stay Focused
K. Overcome Roadblocks
L. Don't get Deterred
M. Associate with Successful People
N. Build a Success Attitude
O. Do daily Attitude calisthenics
P. Do for Others as you would have them do for You

The only way you can truly become an individual is to wake up to, and become aware of, your true self. Seek a connection with your inner self, and the potential contained there. Realization of a joined self, and its' true nature is essential before beginning a successful campaign of personal achievement. Everything in creation has had to go through an awareness period. Even God had to become aware of His existence before becoming a creative force. In the beginning refers to this realization period which begins the journey or count down in time, toward an end or other happening. You simply can't achieve true success until you know yourself. "Know thyself," is a truth worth remembering.

Very few people ever get to know their true nature. They go through life unsatisfied and bewildered because they never know where they fit it. Every personality has a reason for being and if that reason is not satisfied, that personality goes without completion. Every thing it comes into contact with becomes an instrument of confusion and disappointment. Each person's center of individually yearns for accomplishment, meaning or reason for being. People desire personal success. This feeling of grandeur is an elevation of spirit and motivator of the senses. Desire propels man toward discovery and satisfaction. If one contains drives without discovery, the brass ring will continue to be just outside of his/her grasp.

Because of outside influences the conscious inner self tends to create a false perception of reality and his/her expectations and desires become clouded. Desire becomes that which is conjured up by marketing media and is only a shadow of truth which projects a false inner achievement agreement. People are drawn toward and tend to become what society or someone else wants them to be. They embrace the expatiations of societal guidelines and become a link in the process. A father may influence his child to become a doctor because in his mind, it is the right thing for the child based on society's definition of success.

The child is directed toward that outcome by affirmations on its' validly. Social rules are a test for a child which determines his/her aptitude and ultimately points him/her in a suitable and accepted direction. Very little consideration is given to the child and his/her true creative possibilities. Boys tend to be drawn toward hero figures while girls are drawn toward domestic fulfillment or motherly illustrations. The child's artistic abilities are usually considered as their hobbies not as possible vocations. This way of thinking is true to the dominance of the mind by authoritarian factions.

The fact is you are being influenced into a certain way of thinking from birth. You are being controlled by powerful and deliberate forces into submissive behavior. Government, religion, media, and industry develop guidelines or patterns for the populous to follow for acceptance into their particular society or culture. If you break the rules, you are subjected to the punishment society deems as fitting. Society will reject resistance while embracing the submissive.

When I was a kid, I was told by the older kids, how great beer was. When I had my first beer it was nothing like what I was expecting so it became a disappointment to me. I preferred not to drink beer and was always considered the odd ball of the group. The result was not being invited to parties and other gatherings. I became somewhat of an outcast. It was the same with sex, I couldn't wait for my first encounter. When I finally did have sex for the first time, all I could think of was, "is that all there was to it." Another disappointment. Family, friends, society, TV, advertising, movies, all portray a fantasy world. Beaver Cleaver's world only existed in the imaginary mind. In true life, there is strife, and anxiety, heart ache, rejection, loss. etc.

Some grapes are sour and just taste bad while others are sweet and pleasurable. Loved ones get hurt and die and time goes on indifferent to present goings-on. It gets hot and rains and flowers don't always bloom. The air is polluted and there are too many UV rays to lie in the sun. The fact is, reality is a revealing of a contaminated world and is not perfect. The truths which lay at the base in which we all function from, is flawed. If there is a flaw in anything it becomes unpredictable and untrustworthy. A flawed world brings conflict and confusion, but within God's laws lies the truth which never changes. Even the flaws become laws and are constant in their nature. 2+2 is never 3 but mistaking it for 3 results in an inconsistency which will always be 3.

If the flawed equation is used in a formula it will always produce a flawed but same outcome. When you project the truth in anything its' result will stand the test of time. Never expect what is not there, because if you do, you will be disappointed.

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