How Do You Perceive Your Dentist?

By admin / November 30, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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For some people the dentist's surgery resembles an intolerable torture chamber, white and sterile, filled with chrome implements all of which are designed to hurt. There's a chair in which you will be pinned down, a bright light which will be directed into your face, and right in the middle of this picture stands a person who is so sadistic in nature that your knees tremble and your heart races. And this sadist is...your dentist.

Each individual has their own perceptions of their dentist. Some people feel perfectly calm and relaxed about a visit to their dentist. The majority of people probably feel a little anxious and just want to "get it over with", but for some this anxiety has accelerated into fear or spiraled into total panic. The mere thought about a planned or necessary trip to the dentist can trigger off in some internal horror movies which have the ability to make you freeze or want to hide.

No matter how much you are gripped by a fear of dentists, your logical mind does still know that your dentist is adequately qualified for their job, and that nothing should hurt that much. But despite knowing these logical facts, your imagination tends to run into overdrive and the movies which begin to play can make your trip to the dentist seem as dark and frightening as a vampire attack.

Anticipation is always worse than the event itself. In reality your fear of the dentist is triggered from within your own mind; the emotions which you experience are there as a result of the way in which you are thinking. It is the way in which your mind and your imagination are working that is creating this spiraling cycle of fear, which eventually prevents you from even picking up the telephone to make an appointment to see your dentist.

To overcome fear of dentists you have to learn to control your mind; in particular it is your imagination which requires redirection and focus. By learning to imagine your dentist and the dentist's surgery in a different framework, you will easily overcome your fear of the dentist.

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