Curing Needle Phobia

By admin / November 16, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Some people are really comfortable around needles, whilst others are overcome by a burning desire to run away to another planet when faced with the spectacle of a needle. You can also be perfectly ok with needles in one context and yet not at all comfortable when that needle is encountered in a different situation. You can be comfortable in the dentists but not comfortable giving blood, or vice versa.

Most people aren't at all bothered when contemplating a needle employed in the art of sewing, although a few people are indeed needle phobic even in this generally non-threatening situation. Fears and phobias can be learned in different ways, although they will almost always be learned through experience. That experience may not be a first hand encounter with a needle; it could be vicariously experienced, and often it is just this type of second hand experience which triggers a needle phobia.

Most often we know how we feel and respond to circumstances and yet are unaware as to the cause of that instinctive reaction. I was asked today if I had seen a rattle snake whilst on the golf course. I haven't (which I am very pleased about) although I immediately "bonded" with the lady who asked the question. Neither of us are keen to come face to face with a rattle snake on the golf course!

During the ensuing conversation, this lady commented upon the number of people in California who just treat rattle snakes and tarantulas as "objects of interest" or a "part of the scenery", whereas people on the East Coast aren't quite so familiar with these species. As she said Californians ask "how do you stand the snow?" whilst she would be more likely to ask "how do you stand the snakes and spiders?" This is just another example of the impact of one's experiences and familiarity with things.

Returning to the subject of needle phobia, some people are used to feeling comfortable around injections or needles in their many contexts, whilst others just know that they are petrified. If you are afraid of needles, something, at some time, caused that fear. It may be that you had a bad experience, that you were hurt by a needle; on the other hand, you may have vicariously associated with another and learned your fear in that manner.

Either way, a fear of needles must always have been learned and it retains its grasp upon your emotions because of the way in which you habitually think about needles. It follows that the easiest way in which to change the emotions which you instinctively experience is to change the way in which you instinctively think. This is why hypnosis is such a powerfully effective tool to use when you want to overcome a needle phobia. Hypnosis enables you to access the part of your mind where your instinctive thought processes and behavior are stored.

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