Why We Should Be Wary of Spirits, Ghost and Angels?(Referred collectively in this article as Spirits

By admin / April 16, 2008
By: Ian Stone
Category: Spirituality

One of the biggest problems with Spirits floating in The Earth Realm is the lack of positive guidance. The longer they are here the more they take on the more human emotions like, power, greed, and control. Often they soon like to exert influence in the material world by giving suggestions or even giving spiritual orders to those who will accept them. This does not mean that all Spirits floating in the Earth Realm are negative in nature; many are positive and continue to help people as they would in the Spirit World. This area of communicating with Spirits is one to be left alone; unless you have the ability to Heal and Release all Spirit type "Energy Forms" back to the Spirit World.

Spirits that are highly evolved are very powerful because they know many secrets of the Universe. If they become negative they use this information to exert influence on anyone who will listen to them. Spirits that are asked a direct question cannot lie, with one exception the Angels. However they all can deceive and they often do this by adopting a number of names in addition to their Spiritual name; that they are known by in the Spirit World. Angels have said, they are Jesus Christ, and at times the only way to determine who is talking to you is to ask if this "Energy Form" is an Angel. This answer comes from your Aura Being, who can identify any type of "Energy Form" that is communicating with you.

Other Spirits will not lie like this if asked a direct question however they will take on names like God, Mohammed, Jesus, Lord, as these can be generic terms or peoples' names. These misguided Spirits are trying to get you and others to believe they are "The God" or "The Creator," The Source of all knowledge so they can assume power to lead you and others astray. This deception and the fact that they block communication with your Spirit Guide while in your Aura Field, make this area one to avoid if possible.

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