What is an Aura?

By admin / November 15, 2010
By: Gene Sellers
Category: Spirituality

All humans and organisms in the universe have their own auras. This is a field of electromagnetic energy that is revealed in fields of colors. These colors surround every living being on the planet. The colors that emanate from your body have a direct reflection on both your spiritual wellbeing as well as the state of your physical health. In fact, your aura can change from time to time, depending on your stress, feelings and current levels of stress.

The aura comes from our 7 chakras, which are the body’s energy centers. The ancient Indians first recognized this concept thousands of years ago. However, various ancient cultures throughout the world have also had similar concepts. The chakras rotate and are usually described as circular or wheel shaped. Each of the 7 chakras is related to a different color and part of the body. The corresponding auric bodies include the physical auric body, the etheric auric body, the vital auric body, the astral body, the lower and higher mental bodies, and the spiritual body.

Colors include various shades of blue, orange, red, green, and black, to name just a few. Depending on the chakras that are most active in your body, the color of your aura can change. Obviously, seeing your own aura can provide you with tremendous insight about yourself. Likewise, if you can see another person’s, you can learn a lot about that person and his or her thoughts and feelings. In fact, some people can see the auras of other without any assistance. These emanations usually subtly appear and surround a person.

Most people can’t see auras with the naked eye, but it is possible to see your own aura on a computer screen. This can be a remarkable experience, as it will help you to understand yourself on a new level. You will also be able to figure out which areas of your life are strong and resonant, and which you might need to work on. Various forms of imaging include kirlian photography, aura photography and multimedia biofeedback imaging.

With aura photography, a camera projects your personal images. Kirilian photography, on the other hand, shows electric fields of a person and projects them onto a photographic plate. Multimedia biofeedback imaging is more rare than the other forms of imagery. With this system more detailed measurements are taken of your body, a color is displayed.

Another benefit to seeing your aura is that it can often diagnose problems and issues with your physical health that otherwise would not be discovered. Negative energy and stress can disrupt the glow that would otherwise radiate from the body. Viewing these emanations can show malfunctions of the body before actual symptoms manifest.

Gene Sellers is an alternative health and wellness expert who lives and works in California. Gene uses aura cameras to help people reach their optimum state of health. More information about the benefits that can be had from aura photographs can be found at www.auracamera.com.

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