Past Life Experiences

By admin / April 17, 2009
By: Yael Manor
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Such as people can use guided visualization, meditation and past life regression the psychological feelings of existence in the earlier period with a different personality and body are called past life experiences. There are many ways to experience the past life techniques. Even, a psychological expert's session is effective in visualizing past life experiences.

Past life experiences are an ideal way for people to find what kind of people they were in the past, and help to know what all mistakes they did in those days and to rectify those in the present life.
As experiences indicating past lives are not as odd as they are thought to be. Often individuals who have past life experiences do not wish to share them with others for many reasons, for instance, due to fear of guilt or reluctant to share personal matters. Past life experiences represent problems in numerous ways.
Recover Past life Experiences:
For people who believe in reincarnation may recover some of their past life experiences by different methods such as:
  1. Reading books on the subject of reincarnation and life experiences, since this develops better understanding and techniques to experience the past life experience.
  1. Visit a local psychiatrist, who may help to experience past lives. Ask other people, who have experienced their past lives by taking help of such professionals.
  1. Find an approved facilitator, who is indulged in holotropic breathwork. This breathing technique helps to regain some of the past life experiences. Do thorough research on this topic to decide, if this approach is comfortable and affordable to you or not.
  1. Learn the techniques of meditation and become a pro in it. If possible, discuss with professional people involved in various meditation techniques and ask them how to experience past lives with effective meditation.
  1. Maintain a dream diary to record it. Often, analyzing dreams also helps to provide some practical information on past lives.
  1. Hypnotherapy is also a good option to experience past lives.
However, try only those approaches, which are easy to perceive past life experiences. If necessary, consult a psychologist to rectify mental troubles. People can even undergo past life regression therapy to get to know and experience their past lives. Many people have benefited from this unique approach to perceive past life experiences.
Unless people make an effort to experience their past lives, they may never get to know who were they and what achievements they have made during their past lives.

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