Love Chinese Astrology Is a Great Way to Find Love

By admin / March 22, 2009
By: Henry Fong
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Chinese Astrology is a mix of the Yin and Yang and the Five Elementals of Fire, Metal, Water, Wood, and Earth. You can use it to find love matches with the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs. The signs are the Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. These are used in Love Chinese Astrology.

The Zodiac signs represent instead of the twelve months like Western Astrology a twelve year time span. The twelve animals were believed to be chosen by Buddha and supposedly, each represent a quality that all animals possess. Chinese Astrology has many different kinds of love kinds, but the most commonly used is the fast match.

Chinese Astrology can use its Zodiac to match up compatible people with their signs. In the fast match the exact date of birth date, month, day, and year are matched with that of the person of interest. The chart then takes the dates and matches it up and tells you your compatibility based on each of your signs.

The animals rule in ranking order for twelve years then start over. The pattern began again in 2008 with Rat followed by Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. So, if you were born in February or after of 1996 then you are a Rat. Each animal is placed in an affinity group and an affinity pair. The affinity group is divided into four groups and they are listed as follows: Ox, Snake, and Rooster; Tiger, Horse, and Dog; Rat, Dragon, and Monkey; and Rabbit, Goat, and Pig. There are six affinity pairs: Rat and Ox, Tiger and Pig; Rabbit and Dog; Dragon and Rooster; Snake and Monkey; and Horse and Goat. Your most compatible match is found in the affinity groups and your second most compatible is your affinity pair.

As well as having compatible signs there are also incompatible signs. They are called clashing signs. Clashing signs are divided into six pairs. They are Rat and Horse; Ox and Goat; Tiger and Monkey; Rabbit and Rooster; Dragon and Dog; and Snake and Pig. It is best to avoid trying to date someone with the wrong sign. What about signs that are not listed together? Well, the best way to figure that out is just to check out each of the signs' personalities and then go from there.

When looking into the love Chinese Astrology this is fun to take into account. The signs are based on personality traits, but it is not always accurate. Even people with clashing signs have ended up being very compatible couples. This is a fun way to find out a side of the personality of the person you are interested in.

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