How to Spot a Fraudulent Psychic

By admin / December 29, 2009
By: William. Green.
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There are a number of psychic scams and all of then are despicable. If you come across any of these services on offer you are looking at a fake psychic who is only interested in helping you fill their wallet.

1. Love potions: Guaranteed to bring back and your partner every time. Save your money if you can't get them back on your own then it is time to move on and let them go.

2. Curse removal: Or sometimes referred to as spell removal, the fake psychic will tell you about a curse or spell that has been cast on you and only they can remove it, needless to say for a lot of money.

3. Bad luck: Is a variation of a curse removal often claimed to be associated with your money or an expensive antique. This scam is simple they tell you something of value is bad luck, bad karma or hexed in some way and they will remove it for you by taking it away and disposing of it to get rid of the evil attached to it.

4. Blessed objects: It could be a blessed candle, talisman or something similar that you must have to bring prosperity, love or some other promise back to your life. Trust me they are all over inflated cheap goods that you do not need. Holy water is ok if it is at a sensible price similar to a tourist's gift; however candles and talisman are to be avoided.

When booking a psychic consultation always look for prices clearly stated showing the time you will receive. If you are being encouraged to spend considerably more at the end of your reading then alarm bells should be ringing, particularly of it sounds anything like the above scams.

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