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By admin / April 4, 2010
By: George Hanover
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As a child, how many times did an adult tell you there is no such thing as ghosts? A mysterious creak or pop, a darting shadow or even stranger things. Yet, the official answer is always the same; it's your imagination. However, people have experienced things that go far beyond imagination. This story relates an experience by the late actor, Telly Savalas.

=====> I Learn of the Mystery

Telly Savalas was an award winning actor. Although he appeared in many movies, such as the "Dirty Dozen", he is best known for his TV series "Kojak" which first aired in 1973. When you hear the phrase, "Who loves ya, baby?", that's Telly Savalas.

About the time Kojak aired, Telly appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. At this time, I always watched the Tonight Show and I remember this episode very well. Johnny Carson was probably one of the best interviewers in the business, a reason he hosted the Tonight Show for 30 years!

I remember that Telly came out and sat in the interview chair and Johnny initiated the usual opening chitchat. Then, Johnny started to ask Telly a question by opening with something along the lines of, "I understand you had a very unusual experience." Telly abruptly said, "I don't want to Talk about it!" You could tell this threw Johnny off his pace for a bit.

Whatever the experience was, Telly Savalas did not want to talk about it. I suppose me and millions of other people were wondering what was this experience that produced such a strong, emotional reaction from Telly Savalas?

=====> I Finally Discover the Answer to the Mystery

Over 20 years later, someone wrote an article about Telly's experience: It was a Ghost encounter! The story goes something like this:

Early in Telly's career, he didn't have a great deal of money. Late one night, as he was driving home, he ran out of gas. He realized that not only had he run out of gas, he also didn't have any money on him.

As he was walking down the road, a big older model sedan driven by an elderly gentleman stops and asked if he needed help. Telly tells the man his problem and the elderly gentleman tells him he'll give Telly the necessary money and take him to a gas station to get some gas.

Telly, accepts the man's kindness and makes sure he gets the contact information, name and phone number, so he can pay him back. The kind gentleman, good to his word, takes Telly to a gas station, pays for some gas and takes Telly back to his car.

Telly thanks the man and tells him he will return his money in a few days. After putting the gas in his car, Telly and the elderly gentleman go their separate ways.

=====> A Shocking Discovery

A few days after the incident, Telly calls the phone number the man gave him and a woman answers. Telly asked for the man by name and there is silence on the line.

Finally, the woman tells Telly that "was" her husband and he had died 3 years before. Of course, Telly wasn't buying this as he had seen the guy and ridden in his car; even borrowed some cash from him.

From the widow, Telly found out that the car was the one the man was driving at the time of his death and the clothes he was wearing was his burial suit. Everything the man told Telly about himself was confirmed; he had neglected to mention he had died though!

=====> Is This for Real?

Some people would be prone to say this is a tall tale. However, there have been many such experiences over the years, usually where a passing motorist will pick up someone who needs help, they open the door, get in the car, and then vanish.

There are some locations where the locals say not to pick up a particular woman or man because they know they are ghosts!

=====> Conclusion

If eternal life is real, then it only stands to reason that the spirit survives. What does the spirit do in the afterlife? Maybe stops and helps stranded motorists!

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