Thank Heaven for Small Mercies

By admin / April 18, 2010
By: Graham Crawley
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Thank Heaven for small mercies

My girlfriend is wonderful. She gets up every morning at 7am, and by the time she leaves for work at 7.55 am, she has cleaned the room, washed up from the night before, made breakfast for her self, showered, and prepared food for me to eat at lunch time when I take my break.

She will always make a coffee for me, which she leaves by the side of the bed as she says “goodbye I go to work now “.

She works in the laundry at the bottom of our apartment block. She starts at 8am and finishes at 5pm. I can actually see her during the day as she goes about her duties washing, Ironing, sorting out baskets of dirty laundry and most of this done in the heat and sun of Thailand. She never complains.

She will still find time to pop up during her lunch break to make sure I am alright, and to check that I remembered to eat the food she prepared earlier, and even massage my back and neck which I have problems with, you see I work as an Internet marketer, or at least I try. I spend hours sat at a computer and I sometimes ache more then I did when I worked in the fields.

Time can pass by very quickly. Before I met Thai, that is her name as well as her nationality, I would often miss meals, sustaining myself on coffee and cigarettes. Now I eat good, sleep better and make more sales.

Funny thing was I did not want to get into another relationship here in Thailand. I had seen too many go wrong for guys from the west, some times badly wrong. Thai and I were good friends and when I slipped a disc in my back, last November she came to take care of me. The disc has gone back home. Thankfully, Thai as not.

I stand 184 cm in my socks and weigh 110 kilogram’s. Thai is 150 cm in her socks and weighs 46 kilogram’s.

As my mother used to say “Thank heaven for small mercies”

Sawadee Krahp from the Land of Smiles

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Graham Crawley

Retired UK police officer now living in Thailand

For more information about me and my life in Thailand visit my blog at

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