Russian Brides – What Makes Them so Popular Among Western Men

By admin / September 23, 2010
By: Rodney Mcdowell
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Russian brides are very popular among single men from western countries. Each year, thousands of Russian women become the wives of men from western countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and Sweden just to name a few.

What makes these single Russian women so demanded? Why so many men from western countries cannot find a life partner in their own country? Why so many Russian women are seeking a future husband outside Russia?

Russian Brides - what makes them so appealing to single men from western countries?

* Russian girls are generally slim and quite beautiful - they need to look their best in order to get the attention of the few remaining single men willing to engage in a serious relationship.
* Russian women are family oriented and make it a priority since their early twenties to find a decent husband and to create a happy family.
* Russian wives are intelligent, well educated, quick learners and hard workers. Although they have all it takes to have bright careers, they always keep the family unit as the main priority.
* Single men from western countries are generally quite active and like to be in the company of a beautiful wife who values the family higher than her profession. Too often, they cannot find this combination in their own country.
* Single Russian ladies with children have even lesser chances to find a husband in their own country. Single men in Russia and former USSR have a such a vast choice of beautiful single women that they often become spoiled and unwilling to engage in serious relationships.
* Russian women are excellent mothers and expect their husbands to love their children and to be a good father. Western men are known to typically be loving and faithful husbands and to be caring fathers.
* Russian women are expecting to be treated with respect and equality in the couple but at the same time, they expect their man to be a leader and protector. This is exactly what many western men are looking for in a future wife but too often, cannot find in their own country.
* Russian brides are flexible and open minded - they will leave their family, friends and job behind and move in far away regions to be with their husband who they consider their second half.
* Russian wives are loyal, faithful and persistent. They will not engage in extra marital affairs and put and end to the relationship simply because the couple is undergoing some difficulties. They will fight with all their energy and wisdom to preserve what is the most precious in life: their family.

Russian women become the beautiful brides of thousands of men from western countries each year. Single women from Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine seeking a life partner outside their country, will register with their local marriage agency. Local agencies work with international dating and matchmaking websites that feature their single Russian women profiles.

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