Making Marriage Work – Keys To A Successful Marriage

By admin / December 9, 2010
By: Nicholas Gan
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A successful marriage requires the effort of both parties. This means that each person who has committed to the other has to put in some effort to make the marriage work out as best they can. You can keep your marriage hot and exciting over the years by keeping communication lines open and maintaining cooperation between the two of you. This can be very difficult when we consider the different approaches men and women have to marriage. Each person has an approach to a situation or problem, and this difference is amplified between the two people of different genders.

Men would rather not talk about certain problems and issues for example, and are less communicative while women would want to spend time talking about the problems they face. These differences can cause misunderstandings and cause little things to blow out of proportion. Keeping communication lines open and understanding these fundamental differences is one key to keeping a successful marriage.

Most people think that after the dream wedding, the fairy tale should continue, and that everything would go on smoothly and according to what they had planned. When things do not go as imagined after the first few years, most people would think that it is the end of the road. Soon, the cozy snuggles and warm kisses are replaced by bickering and shouting. Petty squabbles and misunderstandings do arise in each marriage, simply because of the differences in ideas, approaches, and values each person has. When this happens, each person in the marriage may think that it is only headed for the worse.

This does not mean that your union cannot be a successful marriage. It only means that you have to consider what you and your partner have brought into the marriage and make the best of what you have. Making the marriage work and keeping a successful marriage requires effort and openness between the married couple. Many ideas and tips to keeping the marriage alive and kicking throughout the years can be found at sites like All hope is not lost. Every marriage goes through hard times, but keeping a successful marriage is what it's all about.


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