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By admin / September 26, 2010
By: Teecee Go
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How to win your ex boyfriend back is what's on your mind. However, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to win your ex boyfriend back. You want so badly for the both of you to be back together. You feel like nothing will ever be right and that makes you feel helpless and frantic. You think that by doing something desperate everything will work out the way you want it. This is usually never the case. So what can you do to bring your ex boyfriend back?

When you do something off the wall to win him back, it only makes it seem like you have gone completely insane. You don’t want to come off that way. You need to come off as someone who can maintain control under pressure when this happen. Think about the time when you first met. What were you like then?

For an example…are you the type to drink? Do you drink at all? Are you a social drinker or do you prefer to drink alone? If you are not accustomed to drinking or you drink lightly, you no doubt have a limited tolerance to alcohol. Supposing you drink more than your fair share one night at a party and your ex is there as well. Do you think by overdrinking that this will make him take pity on you and take you back? It’s more likely going to do one of two things, neither of them good. It could make him angry perhaps push him away for good.

You have to understand that the only way to win your ex boyfriend back to you is to be yourself. Do not be someone you are not! Men will only like fake women for so long before they are tired of them. If you are the type of person who is shy and not sociable, then it is okay to remain being yourself. If you are an outgoing person, it is good to be outgoing.

Never try to be someone else. Men like it when women are upfront and honest with them. The best thing for women to do is show your ex that you still love him but it is best not to go overboard like calling all the time and professing your love.

Think about all those blond jokes and ditzy blond movies. Men and women alike love to laugh at them because they are overly silly and (in the movies) act like they are dumb. The women who portray these characters the movies are being something they are not. If you want to be something like this and think it will bring your ex back, you are only fooling yourself.

There is no definite answer to how to win your ex boyfriend back. The overall thing to remember is relationship is a two way thing and men is tired of handling women who wants attention doing silly things. So if your ex wants only friendship now, stay just as friends do. So don’t pushes to get him back or you may unknowingly push him all the way away.

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