How to Prevent Your Lover or Marriage Partner From Cheating on You:The one and Only

By admin / February 26, 2011
By: Mr.Henrickson Dia
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Don't try to catch your cheating spouse. Don't try to spy on your cheating spouse. Prevent it.

Cheating is a cankerworm that has been rearing its ugly head in marriages and relationships from generation to generation.
It has destroyed many marriages and relationships. It has put many couples in a sad corner. It has removed marital bliss from many families and from many homes. And it has increased the rate of divorce. But can this monstrous and virulent destroyer be tamed? Yes! It can be tamed in a very simple way. But before go into that we are going to look at the reasons why people cheat because that is where we are going to get the ropes or the chains to tame the "giant".

Why Do People Cheat?
1. People cheat for emotional or sexual satisfaction. Over 60% of people that cheat do so for emotional satisfaction- both men and women.

2. Some other people cheat for financial gains. Less than 30% cheat for financial reasons-mostly women.

Now, let's begin with the lesser problem- cheating for financial gains. Some women fall into this trap when under financial constrains- when they don't have good jobs or when their partners have lost their jobs or if their husband is a drunk and fail to care for the family. In some cases, few women do it out of greed and gratification for material gains.
According to the information above, the main cause of cheating is lack of sexual satisfaction in marriages or relationships. We are going to discuss how to deal with this menace and stop or prevent its occurrence in our family or relationship.

Lack of Sexual Satisfaction in Marriage:
This is the major cause of cheating in marriage or relationship. Inequality in sex drive between husband and wife can lead to extra marital affairs. While some people find it difficult to control their passion and emotion others have maximum control over their emotion due to self discipline.
Generally, the problems of sexual satisfaction are in the hands of the man. Most men do not pay attention to the women's satisfaction once they themselves are satisfied. They pursue their own satisfaction without putting the woman into consideration. Often times this is due to lack of proper information on sex or deep knowledge on sex education. Most times at the first rounds of sex the man may not have an orgasm but mere ejaculation. He needs to go for more rounds in order to stimulate the vibration necessary for the woman to reach orgasm. Then he himself will have real orgasm.

When men fail to satisfy their wives they themselves will be far from satisfaction. What you give is what you receive. And the level you give is equally the level you receive.

It is easy for couple reach extended massive orgasm. Extended massive orgasm or EMO as it is popularly called carries a powerful passion punch itself. This is the grand dame of climaxes- experiencing one orgasmic wave after the other.

It has been confirmed that couple experiencing extended massive orgasm develop sexual confidence, better communication skills, and deep intimacy. They become nicer and generous in their relationship. No place for cheating. At this time the relationship transcends the body to the soul; physical to the spiritual.

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