How to Attract Men With a Solid First Impression

By admin / July 18, 2010
By: Lilith King
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There is only one chance to make an initial impression on a man that you are trying to attract. The old saying that "you cannot judge a book by its cover" gets thrown out the window when it comes to meeting a man for the first time. Men look at how well you are dressed; they take in your scent and your attitude. Staying confident and well dressed helps to form a solid first impression in a man’s mind. This means that you should never run to the grocery store on a ratty tee shirt and sweats and when going to work out always put on a bit of make up and fix your hair nicely.

After you have established that you care about yourself by proving it to him through your appearance, you can now impress him with your wit and intelligence. Men appreciate a strong woman who can speak her mind yet remain feminine and sexy at the same time. It is ok to approach a man and initiate conversation. A man who looks at you and does not look away quickly or smiles at you is open to conversation.

You can make a man feel special by complimenting him. Flirt with him. Talk about subjects he likes. What does he do for hobbies? Does he like to travel? Finding out about him relays your interest in him. Men value that you like them for them.

When talking to him, lean in close so that he can smell your perfume. Talk quietly so that he has to move in closer to hear you. Try to avoid always talking about yourself. The goal here is to learn about him. Smile and look directly at him. Listen attentively and repeat back to him anything he tells you that seems to be important to him. This lets him know that you understand where he is coming from.

Have the strength to voice your opinion if you do not agree with something he says. Do it in a manner that shows confidence not arrogance. Also do it in a way that in not confrontational. Smile and continue the conversation. You do not always have to agree with him. This gets boring after a while.

It is important to have your own interests while respecting those of a man that you are trying to attract. Ask him to teach you how to play Texas Hold 'Em and in return invite him to a concert to see one of your favorite bands. Sharing mutual interests helps to develop bonds that tie you closer together.


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