How Come My Man Broke My Heart And Left Me Without Telling Me Why

By admin / July 15, 2010
By: Thomas Trumen
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 I can tell you exactly why your ex boyfriend really wanted to leave you. The reason he left you has nothing to do with what he has previously told you. I know this sounds kind of messed up but he is not telling you the truth about why he decided to break up the relationship.I will tell you exactly why he would not tell you the truth and why he would shatter your heart with out telling you why he would.

Guess why he decided that you were not the one for him? Its extremely important that you actually do not pay attention to any reason he gave you for the break up. You have to try to block out what he said about the break up and think of a few logical reasons he would not want to be with you any more. I was lost just like you not being able to under stand my ex but once i new why they left i got them back in just a couple of weeks.

What ever the reason he gave you for the break up its false and is a thousand miles away from the truth. I am sure he will not be willing to tell you the real reason because he is being insecure. The real reason he does not want to tell you is that he actually left you because he felt like you did not care about him any more but most importantly he did not feel admired at all. There is a possibility that he found someone to show him the admiration that he wanted and this could cause him to feed you nothing but lies about the break up

Think of a long time ago when you first met each other and you would always praise him when ever he would show off. The main reason your ex boyfriend was doing this all the time was because he wanted your attention more then anything else and when you gave him all of your attention he fell deeply in love with you. However things have change and he decided to leave you because he can tell you do not admire him at all anymore.

Listen, You have to get a hold of your self and wipe thoughs tears from your eyes. Its not going to do you any good if you just get depressed about it and not do anything about it. You still have some time left to show him you can change for him. If you take action now and do exactly what i am teaching you then there is still hope to make your ex boyfriend want you back.

By giving him the respect that he wants from you so badly your ex lover will start to want to talk and hang out with you again. As you start showing him more admiration he will start treating you as if he just fell in love with you for the first time. As soon as you start making him feel special about himself he will slowly fall in love with you very soon. You need to start by giving him some sincere compliments about himself and as you do this you will see that he will do the same for you. If you really want to make him feel good about you tell him that you were thinking of him the other day when you talk to him next time. When you get your chance tell him you were thinking of a time you had together in the past that made you admire him.

You need to make sure when you do things like this its like you never planned it in the first place so it will catch him off guard and really get his attention. If you keep doing these things continually he will do the same for you and begin to fall madly in love with you. When he decides to commit to you after you start making him feel admired again your new relationship will be so much better then it was before because you really understand him now.

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