Getting Back Together After A Break Up – 4 Important Tips To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

By admin / February 25, 2011
By: Ram Gupta
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Getting Back Together After A Break Up may not seem to be an easy thing specially If you have just gone through a break up with your girlfriend and may still be struggling to come to terms with the reality of the situation. Emotionally you are disturbed, you still want her back in your life, and at the same time you are trying to learn how to go about your life without her. It can be overwhelming, and in this circumstance the most reasonable suggestion may also sound the most challenging to implement, maintain your dignity. Yes, you would want to do that at all times in your life, but now is when it is most important and the most difficult, if you really want getting back together after a break up with your ex-girlfriend. Of course, there is no guarantee that a dignified approach will get her back, but it is your best chance.

Control your Desperation

This is extremely important for getting back together after a breakup. If you choose just the moment in life she feels that she is through with you to tell her how desperately you want and need her back, she may begin to feel even more burdened, claustrophobic and emotionally harassed. You have to accept that right now your needs are not on top of her mind, and the more you express them, the more repulsed and irritated she might feel. Steer clear of this undignified outburst. Instead, use your strength to keep yourself composed when you contact her next. It shows that you respect her feelings, and she may just begin to feel favorably about you once again and even getting back together.

Stay in Touch...

...but don't be too aggressive about it, getting back together after a breakup is a delicate task and deserves to be handled cautiously. An email every now and then and an occasional phone call is the right way to start. If you start bombarding her with communication from your end, you will once again be sending out the signal of desperation. Also, read her responses carefully, understand what she is trying to communicate. If you think that she is building a bond with you once again, allow her to take it at a pace she is comfortable with. You will need to be both perceptive and sensitive if you want getting back together after a breakup.

Psychological Tactics Produce no Winners

In your attempts of getting back together after a breakup, tactics like trying to deliberately cut her out of your life or attempting to make her jealous by showing just how chilled out you are about the whole episode, will, in all probability, escalate her feeling of revulsion into outright contempt and bitter hatred. If your girlfriend was with you because she respected who you are, chances are that some of that respect still exists. By stooping to undignified and cheap psychological tactics, you may be destroying that feeling once and for all, and with it any chance to getting back together after a breakup with your ex-girlfriend.

Envy, Jealousy and Anger

You may feel all of these, if you find out that your ex-girlfriend has begun dating again or showing an interest in other men. Admittedly, that is not a good sign for you, but if you react angrily to her, you will destroy whatever little chance you may have to getting back together after a breakup with your ex girlfriend. Remember, she is not your partner anymore and you have no say in her personal decisions.

If you can convey to your ex-girlfriend, subtly and gently, that you still care for her, and refrain from any of the undignified patterns of behavior mentioned above, you will certainly be giving yourself the best chance to getting back together after a breakup with your ex-girlfriend.

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