Seattle Divorce Attorneys for Mothers and Fathers

By admin / July 19, 2007
By: McKinley Irvin
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There are Seattle divorce attorneys who advertise specialty representation of fathers and father's rights in Seattle child custody cases. The truth is that Washington State family law does not discriminate between fathers and mothers as the law applies equally to all people. A good Seattle divorce attorney always advocates for her client's interests as both mothers and fathers have parental rights. Why would any Seattle divorce attorney advocate more strongly for fathers than for other clients? If mothers are more often named the custodial parent than are fathers, it is usually because mothers still perform the majority of primary care duties in American families. If fathers receive unsatisfying residential schedules in final parenting plans, it is more likely either because the father has some parenting issues or the father did not think it necessary to consult with a qualified Seattle Divorce Attorney. Obviously our culture has undergone some major changes over the last twenty or so years. With two working parents in most families, fathers naturally perform more primary caretaking duties than they have in the past. Judges have a tough job in deciding which parent should be named the primary parent in the best interest of the children. However, an experienced Seattle Divorce Attorney , and not just another name in the phone book, can help resolve your Seattle child custody case in a way best for children and parents. For the lawyers at McKinley Irvin, family law is not all about winning and losing, counting silverware and battle victories. It is more about putting families in a position to thrive in their life after divorce or separation. Contact a Seattle Divorce Attorney at McKinley Irvin today with questions about Seattle dissolution, child custody, property law, or any other Washington State family law matter.

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