Complications of Infidelity

By admin / September 1, 2007
By: James Walsh
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Rarely do we come across people openly proclaiming their love for someone other than their marital partner. Yet, even in the absence of loud declarations, we all know that infidelity is quite common.

Factors that motivate married people to seek love outside the confines of their marriage are varied, and differ according to each individual case. However, the most common reason we come across is that people search for loving relationships after having fallen out of love. A loveless phase is inevitable in any marital life. Some couples experience it during the eight year of their marriage.

You Also in Love with Some One Else?

Is your answer in the affirmative? Then the only point worth mentioning at this juncture would be that, this might be a purely temporary phase. All marriages have their ups and downs. Spouses invariably get bored at some point of time due to enhanced responsibilities caused by advent of children. This soon translates to lack of time and diminished spousal communication levels. Boredom is the ultimate result. This is an undoubtedly difficult phase. Tide over it by developing positive means of communication with your mate. If the difficult period is too difficult to handle seek professional help from counsellors. Adopt whatever means suit you, but do not contemplate a divorce.

Templating a Divorce

You want to divorce your spouse and start life afresh with your loved one? If you are a resident of the, you cannot petition a divorce on this ground. "Adultery' as a ground for divorce, is applicable only to the aggrieved party. This is the single biggest reason cited for irretrievable break down of marriages in the, and it enables instant divorce.

If you have already arrived at a decision to divorce, think repeatedly. Your decision would undoubtedly subject your spouse and children to much hardship. It is the commonly held belief that adults suffer a few years after divorce, while their children suffer a lifetime.

Children Need a Two Parent Family

Children need the love and care of both the father and mother for their complete all round development. A single parent can never give adequate attention as playing the dual parent role is exhausting.

Divorce causes deep upheaval in the lives of your children and inflicts great suffering on them. Their existing problems are most likely to get compounded by a consequent reduction in the standard of living or ensuing poverty. They might have to change their residence and the school they study in. All these problems ultimately affect their emotional health.

Do you feel it necessary to expose your children to the extreme negativity associated with a divorce? You may end your marriage and remarry the person you love. Are you aware that the failure rate of second time marriages is extremely high? After making your family experience such deep pain, you might realise that your new found love was simply an infatuation. With the erasure of the initial veneer of love you might once again be trapped in a loveless marriage. If you are still firm in your decision to divorce, we would advise you to consider these factors before actually filing your papers.

Factors to Consider Before Breaking a Marital Union

If you have been married for a long duration, then rethink your decision repeatedly. You would have spent a long time with your spouse, struggling through the turmoil of life. Unrecognised intimacy develops during this period. Try to sort matters out. You would soon realise that your decision to divorce was wrong.

Every marriage goes through difficult stages with unflinching regularity. All marriages require hard work to sustain it. However, if you had married your partner for reasons other than genuine love, then divorce may be the right choice for you both. If your marriage had an initial foundation of love, then do not reach a hasty decision to divorce. Rather, consider separation from your new found love - a relationship which might not last long.

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