Different Types of Relationships are Important and Networking Helps A Relationship

By admin / November 30, 2010
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There are different groups of relationships that one can have. Firstly, there are the private men-women love relationships, as well as those personal relationships among friends and family members. Then there are the work relationships among the people who are connected by nature of their profession. On top of that, there also exist the business relationships between people who have mutual business interests as well as those between business partners in joint ventures. Customer relationships which are very important in all businesses are another group of relationship.
A lot of times, as people meet people resulting in the creation of social network and business network, the line separating these various groups of relationships may become blurred and so may not clearly divide the various sorts of relationships. For instance, business relationships will arise among friends or members of the family when they go into business together. Similarly, business partners may also become close friends. Occasionally family relationships may even develop from work relationships or business relationships which lead to love relationships and marriage takes place. So, there is almost always an interconnection between the social network and business network.
Many people will have a blend of all the many kinds of relationships including the interconnections. It must be pointed out that there must always be mutual respect, truthfulness and reliability to build good relationships regardless of the type of relationship we have, whether they are personal relationships, work relationships or business relationships. Only in such instances, it is probable for such relationships to last a lifetime or maybe even continue through the generations. A lot of times, when the parents are part of a close-knitted network of friends, the younger generation will tend to build a good relationship in addition to long lasting friendship too. In the same context when it comes to business, business partnerships are likely to last for generations when there is mutual respect, honesty and loyalty.
From the individual’s perspective, we have to mix with other people and build social network and business network for companionship, friendship and emotional stability. This is an inborn need of all human beings. When we mingle and network with other people, we can make friends and have good friends with whom we can share what we feel and what we think together with our dreams. Our lives will then be made better when we build good relationships and business partnerships. Generally, when two persons have a sound relationship, it will develop into a huge social network and business network.
Furthermore, we also need and rely on other people’s contribution to help us to cope with life better in this world. With the continuous pressure of these present times, we just can not do everything alone. We need other people with their own individual ability to help us to live with a certain measure of comfort. As an example, we can not expect to be building our own living quarters, manufacturing our own cars or growing our own food. So, we need the expertise of the construction team, the mechanics, the planters, the medics, the lecturers, the accountants, the legal representatives and the list goes on.

It is thus clear that the different sorts of relationships are very important in order to achieve goals and to fulfill our needs as well as to achieve business success, wealth building and success in life. Further it is also clear that networking can help in these relationships.



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