Dealing With Relationship Break-Ups

By admin / May 27, 2010
By: Stephen Kavita
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The most unthinkable thing in love is how to deal with relationship break ups. Mainly, because people are blinded and excited when love is young and blooming. At this stage attraction is very high and each one is willing to sacrifice almost anything for the other as they are desperate for acceptance.

But as time goes by a sense ownership, confidence and security develops and some couples begin taking one another for granted. Contentment brings with it a feeling of achievement thus putting extra effort to satisfy the other becomes lesser. It is during this time that a relationship is vulnerable. Therefore, couples need to be renew their commitment hence avoid dealing with relationship break up if things take a downward direction.

The solution of preventing an eventuality of dealing with relationship break ups is constant communication. You should seek to understand your partner especially when differences show up. Settle conflict with humility. When you agree to step down on your demands you may realize that a solution has been near all along. Maybe your pride has been blocking your line of thought. Being prejudicial in your attitude can result in you ignoring issues being presented by your partner.

I always say that every relationship can be saved if only everyone makes sure that they never forget what attracted them to the other in the first place. Remember when in the beginning you were willing to give up all to get him/her. To avoid dealing with relationship break up you must value your partner and in doing so you will build a friendship that will last a long time. There is no other known solution to dissolving fights in relationships except communication and humility. Being too confident and stubborn will do you no good.

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