Can Separation Save This Marriage?

By admin / April 19, 2011
By: Amuro Wesley
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Sometimes, married life can be very stressful and the pair can be miserable to live together. When this happens, some couples want to have a trial separation that can help work through the differences between the two partners.

In some cases, separation is prohibited by the rules of their culture or religion and prefer to live apart though legally remaining married. The question is whether separation can really save the marriage and does being apart temporarily actually work?

There are two ways a marriage separation, either informal separation or legal separation. Generally, informal separation is what you both agree on mutual understanding.

There is an official division of property, arrangements about car ownership, credit cards, children custody and bank accounts.

A separate, formal law is more complicated, expensive and permanent. The person undergoing the process of legal separation by time, pain and expense.

Typically, this separation is not the first step to save the marriage. Many couples first try to join in marriage counseling who can help work through differences.

Some couples seek advice from friends, family or religious leader. Many people succeed in solving their marital problems after participating in a marriage retreat or seminar.

Included in these options or after trying these options, some chose to divorce court. Now, you wonder can separation save a marriage, if it is the correct way to save the marriage?

Yes, it can be helpful because it provides an opportunity for both partners to experience the feelings that separated before taking a final decision. The main advantage of trial separation is that it is reversible.

During the trial period of separation, you may go through marital counseling, think about it and then make the final decision. This separation period gives you enough time to think about your differences, your mistakes, problems in your married life and ways to overcome them.

The lack of daily quarrels and conflicts can be an effective answer to this question can save a marriage separation.

Due to lack of proximity, there is absolutely no chance for conflict. Both partners have enough time to think about their marital problems.

Most marital problems come from fear, ego or stubbornness. Resolution is possible for one partner wants to keep trying.

The main purpose of the separation experiment was to develop problem solving skills before moving back together and working to improve relations.

For couples, divorce is planned to be a good time to think, analyze, to reflect, to calm and cool. It helps to make wise decisions and thus work to save the marriage.

In some cases, separation may be unplanned and there may be no plans for marriage counseling, no tentative time-line for separation and no guidelines agreed upon about seeing others.

Therefore, before you think about divorce, talking to each other about the isolation of individual goals.

Both should be ready to seek individual and joint counseling during the separation.

With that being said, the answer to whether the separation can be found on both sides save this marriage. Factors such as how important they are to one another also come into play.

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