Are You Trying to Win Your Ex Back After A Long Break Up?

By admin / May 26, 2010
By: Tiggy Maxine
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Some people still keep in contact with one or more of there ex's and some people will even decide that they want to get back together with one of their exes. However, before you do any thing to try and win back this ex of your ex it is important to have a good look at the situation, as a whole, to understand your chances of getting back together with your one time lover.

Did you give your ex some space?

One of the most important things to do after a break up is to give your ex some space. Did you give your ex the space they needed after you both split up? Because if you did, then your chances of winning back your ex will be improved ten fold. So you need to take a few minutes and think about what you did.

What caused the break up?

Do you know the reasons why you broke up? Was it your at fault, or was it their wrong doings? Another important thing you need to ask yourself is: did you do something that ruined the relationship? If so your chances of you getting your ex back could be reduced. But on the other hand, if your ex was the one who messed up, your chances will be much better.

How have you behaved since the break up?

People act in different ways after a relationship breaks down. Some people just walk away and ignore their ex completely. Others will stay friends with them for many years afterwards, and then of course there are those who may act in a very unfriendly manner towards their one time lover. It is worthwhile thinking how you have conducted yourself since you broke up, and how has your ex acted towards you since? Giving these things some consideration will help you to get a grip on your chances of winning your ex back.

What is the current Situation?

Think about your present situation. Are you free to have another relationship? How many weeks, months or years have passed since your last boyfriend or girlfriend? Your ex may see your present situation and may think that you are not ready for another relationship just yet.

What’s your exes present situation?

Apart from thinking about your own situation you need to also think about their present situation as well. When did they last have a relationship, or are they in a relationship presently? This will help you get a handle on their mindset, and whether or not they are willing or indeed ready to give you another chance.

These are not complex questions but they will give you the answer to the question of “how to get your ex back”. If you want to fully understand your chances of getting back together with your partner, you need to think carefully about how you have acted after the break up. Did you give your ex enough space? Have you been kindly and courteous? These actions will markedly increase or reduce the likelihood of pulling your ex back.

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