Will This Staph Infection Harm Me?

By admin / January 13, 2008
By: Hamza Davis
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Beware an open cut or break in the skin. You could be inviting a staph infection to expand. While staph infections are not life threatening in most cases, greater thoughtful complications can arise if they are not treated post haste. It is a very common infection and bountious people probably don't realise they have it on their skin all the time. The complication is, while it may be on your skin, it's when its allowed to enter the body by way of an open cut when it can be dangerous.

Explaining Staph Infection

In a nutshell, staph is short for Staphylococcus bacteria. This family of bacteria consist of at least 30 distinctive variations causing a wide range of illnesses.

What Do You Know About Staph Infections?

Staph bacteria can hibernate on the skin surface and in this environment, can be relatively harmless. It's when there is a break in the skin which the bacteria infiltrates and proceeds to organise an infection.

Treating Staph Infection

If you notice an area of your body has become sore and and there is a sensible anomaly present such as a boil then you need to see your doctor. In some cases, a person will also experience fever synptoms. Your doctor may be required to drain the area of pus and then prescribe a course of antiobiotics. Staph infection can also be passed from person to person through skin contact.

It's paramount to supply a course of antibiotics when they are prescribed. Why? Some form of bacteria have built up resistance to drugs and by only partially consuming your allotted dose, even though you may feel worthier, you may be creating an environment for the bacteria to adapt and become resistant.

Types Of Staph Infection

There are several staph infections that show up in one form or another. Here are some of the more common types.

- Boils or Furuncle... these are more commonly distinct around the neck and face and they appear as an unsightly red inflammation.

- Infection of the hair follicles underneath the skin and known as Folliculitis. They appear as a pimple surrounded by a reddish area around it.

- A Stie develops on the eyelid. It's noteworthy because of it's reddish and swollen nature and can be painful and uncomfortable.

- Impetigo is the term used for a staph infection which generally affects children. It is characterized by blisters and an eventual crusty emergence. It can be spread to other parts of the body through scratching.

The staph infections highlighted above are generally regarded as minor however, the numerous resolute versions can determine such illnesses as pneumonia, blood infection and even toxic shock syndrome which requires hospitalization. People with weak immune systems are most at risk from the numerous staph infections.

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