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By admin / October 12, 2007
By: Dr Peter Lind
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Food is one of the three big stresses. Here I have laid out an easy program to reduce the affects of stress. This is RAW FOOD HEALTH AND DIET RECOMMENDATIONS I WOULD MAKE TO YOU

The major improvements in your nutritional health are found in a raw food diet. This page is a starting block for you to improve your health and relieve your nutritional stress.This article is in an outline form for ease of use. Cut it out and paste it to your refrigerator of which you will replenish after reading this.

Drink more water.

Dont drink cola or milk.

Drink fifteen minutes before meals or an hour after meals, not with meals.

Avoid fluoridated toothpaste and chlorinated water.

Whatever you put on your skin (lotions, perfumes, deodorants...) are absorbed into your body. Dont put anything on your skin you wouldnt eat.

Get the mercury out of your mouth! Silver fillings your dentist put in years ago.

Dont eat sugar! Cookies, candies, cakes, ice cream, fudge, brownies... you know.

Dont eat Bread, Rice, Pasta and Potatoes. They are sugar.

Eat meals of small amounts of proteins with lots of vegetables (beef, fish, chicken, turkey, pork, eggs...)

Eat Fruit in between meals not with meals.

Dont eat white, processed junk that comes from a box, can or package.

Avoid polyunsaturated oils and do not eat margarine! These are liquid plastic.

Canola oil is made from genetically engineered soybeans. It is also liquid plastic.

Allergens: Avoid wheat, dairy and soy.

Soy is genetically engineered, does not digest readily in the body, and is estrogenic (causes high levels of estrogen).

Digestion: Be careful about eating seeds, nuts, popcorn (dont eat popcorn), spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol (not more than two drinks and not two days in a row) and chocolate.

The top 10 things to do RIGHT NOW to reduce stress!

1. Reducing calories improves lifespan.

2. Dont feed your body unhealthy foods.

3. Take care of your levels of emotional stress and anxiety. Your gut is your second brain.

4. Dont swallow food without chewing it first.

5. Drugs disturb the normal intestinal bacteria. Make sure you add gut nutrition; Probiotics.

6. Chlorinated water kills good bacteria. Filter it.

7. Rest a little during the day and sleep well at night in a dark room.

8. Light that leaks in while you sleep stops melatonin and messes up your pineal gland.

9. The microbes you are exposed to stimulate your immune and lymphatic systems to work better. Dont be so sanitary. Let your kids play in the dirt every now and then.

10. There are three and a half pounds of bacteria living in your gut. Once they are disturbed, bigger problems are not far behind. Keep your colon clean.

Dont eat sugar!

Do these things and you are on your way to improving your health. You know what to do, really. It takes discipline and motivation to do them. Start small and do one thing at a time until you master it. Then move on to the next step. It has taken you years to get to where you are right now. It will take months, or years to reverse these things and get yourself on the right track. You owe it to yourself, dont you?

Nutrition is one of the three causes of stress to your body. Begin by watching how you can curb yourself from this stress. The others, Physical and Emotional are just as much stressors. They each take a different approach to deal with.

But what choice do you have? Begin to make these changes today. They will help improve your health and ease the overall stress in your life.

Dr Peter Lind is a practicing chiropractor utilizing newly developed procedures and protocols to remove the affects of stress on the body. He continues helping hundreds of people on his website http://www.stress-less-living.com

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