Ways to Understand the Symptoms and Root Causes of Teenage Depression

By admin / November 16, 2008
By: Trevor Price
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Too often, signs of teenage depression are mistaken for the typical ups and downs associated with teenage hormonal mood swings. But, what behavior is normal for the average teenager and how can it be differentiated from more serious instances of clinical depression?

If you're a parent of a teenager or a teen yourself, it's important to recognize and identify both the causes of teenage depression and the apparent symptoms. This is a treatable, but often misdiagnosed condition affecting one fifth of all teenagers throughout the United States.

Understanding the Signs of Teenage Depression

Too often, parents dismiss the common symptoms associated with teenage depression as just typical teenage behavior. In addition, many teen suffering from this affliction will either hide their feelings or refuse to admit that there's a potential problem. They may also be averse to seeking help from family or friends.

One of the major signals of teenage depression is fatigue and a lack of focused mental attention, such as the ability to concentrate on a task. The depressed teenager may also be irritable, possibly aggressive and excessively anxious. Parents may be privy to outbursts that include crying, shouting, screaming, complaining or threatening to run away.

As with adults, depression may also become visible in a variety of unexplained and incurable physical problems such as aches and pains, headaches and digestive issues like an upset stomach. Other signs include a change in appetite and subsequent weight gain or loss along with a change in sleeping habits, such as insomnia or chronic fatigue. More serious symptoms include talk or thoughts of suicide or death.

If five or more of the above symptoms are exhibited for a period longer than two weeks, mothers and/or fathers should talk to their teenagers and seek professional help. Of course, if there is a threat of suicide, then parents should seek treatment and intervention immediately.

The Causes of Teenage Depression and its Effects

Teenage depression is often caused by external stress-inducing circumstances. These may include a divorce in the family, an upset in the family dynamic, financial problems, sexual or physical abuse, alcohol or drug problems within the family, a death in the family or trouble dealing with a recent trauma or tragedy.

For some, depression may be brought on by a teenager's inability to meet certain goals. These can be academic or athletic goals. For others, they may involve social goals. For example, if a teenager fails to fit in or is bullied or rejected at school, this can have devastating effects on their self-esteem, causing bouts of anxiety and depression.

As for the effects of teenage depression, the onset can drastically impact a teenager's family life, social relationships and academic accomplishments. Previous studies have shown that teenagers suffering from depression have higher levels of absenteeism, poorer grades and are more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol. Of course, the most severe consequence of teenage depression is suicide, which is why it's critical to recognize the early signs quickly and seek assistance.

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