Tests for Determining If a Person Has Bipolar Disorder

By admin / November 17, 2008
By: Clive Harman
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Although you are the person who decides whether you are in a bad mood or in a good mood, there are some people with mental disorder that cannot control their emotions.
This kind of disorder is called bipolar disorder or commonly called as manic-depressive illness. Many people call this manic-depressive illness because a person suffering from this kind of disorder cannot control their emotions or their mood. You will notice that a person suffering from bipolar disorder have constant mood swings. In one moment, you will see that they are happy and the next minute they will get depressed at no reason at all.
Bipolar disorder is a serious condition that can affect the daily activities of those affected. Since they constantly change their mood, they will have trouble with their relationships as well as their performance in school or at work. You have to consider that a lot of marriages and friendship, as well as school grades and jobs have been lost due to bipolar disorder.
This is why you should be aware of this serious problem as it can affect the way a person live their lives negatively. There are some cases that bipolar disorder sufferers have come to the point of attempting to commit suicide. The depressive phase of the disorder makes them feel useless and let them think that they are useless and should no longer exist. With this kind of thought, it will result in thinking about death and suicide and in some cases, some people who suffers from bipolar disorder commits suicide.
You will also notice that in the manic phase, the person suffering from bipolar disorder is extremely active. They are excessively optimistic, they feel euphoria, and they also feel that they can do anything. During this phase, the person will also talk a lot and talk fast, they also have increased energy, and increased sex drive.
However, during the manic phase of the bipolar disorder, the person has too much in his or her mind that they are unable to concentrate. They usually jump from one idea to another and refuse to admit that something is wrong. This is why bipolar disorder should be treated. It is a condition that can endanger the life of the sufferer and also the people around him or her.
In order to get an effective treatment for bipolar disorder, it is important that it should be detected early on. Usually, the first signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder occur during late adolescent years to early adulthood. However, there are some cases where bipolar disorder signs and symptoms occur during childhood and later in life.
In order to determine if a person has bipolar disorder, the psychiatrist will perform several tests on the patient. You have to consider that bipolar disorder cannot be detected on CAT scans or X-Rays. The only way to determine if you have a bipolar disorder is by visiting a psychiatrist. He or she will let you answer some questions about your manic and depressive moods. The test will consist of several questions, such as "I feel powerful and I feel that I can do anything", "I feel very energetic", "I don't need to sleep", and others in the manic phase. In the depressive phase, questions will be "I am really sad most of the time", "I'm always tired but I find it hard to get out of bed", "I feel restless" and others.
Both of manic and depressive phases will cause problems in relationships and at work or school. This is why it is important that if you notice that you are having problems with your emotions, you should visit your psychiatrist immediately. The psychiatrist will be able to perform a series of tests to determine if you have a bipolar disorder and what kind of bipolar disorder you have.
Bipolar disorder cannot be cured. However, this particular brain disorder can be treated. You have to consider that this is a long term illness that will require long term treatment. With patience, you will be able to live a more normal and productive life.

As important as it is to find a cure-it is impossible to do so if those who suffer do not seek it so if you or someone you know suffers from depression seek medical attention immediately.
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