Psychotic depression

By admin / January 20, 2008
By: Jennifer Baxt
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People who suffer from psychotic depression often start seeing, or hearing hallucinations that can leave them frightened for their lives. Apparently, many patients who suffer severe episodes of psychotic depression can become suicidal. More specifically, people with this type of depression will display increased anger and/or frustration, hear things and/or see things that are not actually there, have a feeling of hopelessness, and/or think about or attempt suicide. As a result of some of these symptoms, it can be mistaken by non-professionals that the person is either suffering from bipolar disorder or schizophrenia; however, a trained therapist or counselor can often tell the difference and will usually be able to give the proper treatment to the patient.

Psychotic depression is a serious case that needs to be handled properly by a trained therapist or counselor. While there is online therapy and phone therapy available for people who wish to seek advice on their personal difficulties, it is best that a person who believes they might be suffering from psychotic depression goes into see a professional personally. A proper diagnosis is necessary so that the appropriate treatments or therapies are provided to the patient. Going online or consulting someone over the phone might not provide the proper diagnosis or help, and the professional will most likely advise the patient to go in and see a counselor in person anyways. If the wrong diagnosis is given, then the patient's condition may only get worse despite the medication or therapy they might be receiving. When a patient goes in and does get the correct diagnosis, then they will receive the care that they need and most will often improve within a year. For many, it is necessary that they go into a hospital for a stay so the doctors can provide the needed attention to the patient; this is quite possibly why patients will respond positively to their treatments. After getting the necessary treatment they will be let go, but many of these patients will need to come back for follow ups to ensure they are still doing well. Some may even continue taking some medication in order to help them ease back into their lives.

This type of depression is extremely serious and no one should ever let embarrassment, or any other emotions or thoughts, get in the way of them getting the help they require. It is all confidential between the patient and the doctor. No one else needs to know if you don't wish them to. If a person were not to get the proper treatment, their lives could become joyless and they could become isolated from other people, including both friends and family. Getting the proper treatment from a qualified therapist sooner than later can help rid a person of suicidal thoughts and work to get rid of the thoughts, emotions and/or hallucinations that throw them into psychotic depression. The best chances for anyone who might be suffering from this, or any other type of depression, is to consult a therapist, get the proper diagnosis and then work through the treatments the therapist provides.

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