Manic Depression Disorder

By admin / September 12, 2007
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Fight back with fish oil and fitness To talk about manic depression cure when faced with such a complex disorder is to oversimplify things. We prefer to talk about fish oil and fitness: manic depression medications to control manic depression and prevent setbacks. Manic Depression Cure We hope you are in the mood to try something new to prevent an onset of imbalanced manic depression. If you are, and your healthcare provider agrees, try improving bipolar symptoms with fish oil capsules delivering omega-3 fatty acids everyday along with your regular manic depression medication. You should find that your manic depression symptoms lessen as a result. Work in a workout As everyone says repeatedly, our bodies were made for moving. Keep fit by taking part in group sports, thus heightening the effects of your manic depression medication. You should be able to prevent further onset of manic depression if exercise is deemed to give you a kickstart in a healthy direction by your medical practitioner. Medication includes counselling Psychological counselling and sleep management is sometimes recommended. Avoid worsening manic depression so you can steer clear of extreme medication, which migh involve hospitalization due to rapid or pronounced mood swings and could also find you requiring electroconvulsive therapy. Manic Depression Prevention Exercise influences the production and use of neurotransmitters and hormones in the body, and its antidepressant effect is well known. A preliminary study of the effects of vigorous exercise on the body chemistry of patients with bipolar disorder found that exercise increased a specific chemical associated with better mood. However, exercise may adversely influence the effectiveness of some medications used for bipolar disorder. Many people with bipolar disorder take lithium, and because lithium is lost in sweat, exercise that involves significant sweating may change blood levels of lithium. Such a change has been reported in one person; therefore, people taking lithium who intend to start a vigorous exercise program should be monitored by their doctor.

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