How Stone Massage Can Help You Cope With Depression

By admin / March 11, 2008
By: Chris Turley
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Depression, a psychological condition in which a person undergoes extreme state of sadness, has been prevalent in the country over the recent years. This can be brought about by many things-failure in relationships, problems at school or work, family crisis, financial troubles or inability to see the brighter side of life. Whatever it is, the growing number of people experiencing depression has been quite alarming. If only a psychologist or doctor can write the words "be happy" in the prescription, it will be much easier. But it is not as simple as that. A person undergoing depression should see a professional psychologist and get immediate help. Massage, which is seen as one of the effective ways of coping with depression, has been included in many medical therapies. Getting a stone massage therapy, which is a variation of the classic massage style, is one of the ways to deal with or avoid depression. This therapy incorporates the use of heated stones, which are known to be effective in opening up chakras or energy channels in the body. In the process of the therapy, the therapist will place stones in different parts of the body, which are called energy centers such as the spine, palms of the hand, thighs, arms and neck area. These stones will also be used to apply pressure on the body for deep tissue and muscular manipulation. This method releases tension and stress from the body, and calms and soothes the mind. When a person gets a massage, he or she enters in a meditative state where there is no stress, worry or problem that can bother him or her. During the session, the recipient of the massage is encouraged to imagine being in a tranquil secure place where nothing can harm or disturb him or her. Engaging in an hour of this can definitely make a big difference in a persons life. This meditative state as well as the ultimate relaxation brought about by the massage indeed does wonders in uplifting a persons mood and calming of ones psyche. It is difficult to tell how exactly it happens but after a session, a person will feel brighter and more cheerful, even having a more positive outlook in life. The combination of the massage and the aromatherapy scents, oils, and candles used during the session also help to lift up a persons spirit. Getting a soothing stone massage makes it very easy for one to forget about his problems. And unlike with alcohol intoxication which some depressed people may indulge in because of its similar effect (making one forget about his troubles), the positive effects of massage such as feeling of happiness are more permanent. Not to mention, there are no hangovers or splitting headaches after. Also, massage is beneficial to ones physical and mental health, unlike alcohol, which gradually deteriorates your system and causes many health problems. Getting a regular stone massage is a good way to avoid depression. But of course, you do not completely rely your happiness on it, rather see it as one of the many ways you can enjoy life and live it to the fullest. About the author: Chris Turley, a director of a massage stone supply company, is an expert on massage stones. Learn more by visiting his site at

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