Depression In Teens – What To Look For

By admin / April 5, 2009
By: Sarah McCurdy
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Clinical depression can affect adolescents just as easily as adults and is a extremely serious illness. Depression can have a big affect on how a person thinks, behaves, and feels as well as their general health. This illness continues to be more common in teens as their lives become more stressful as about 5 out of every 100 teens suffers from depression.

Individuals can suffer from two different types of depression. Major depression is when you feel down or sad most of the time. With bipolar disorder, you feel sad and down at times but at other times you will feel agitated and reckless. These are all cautionary signs of clinical depression and support must be sought-after as soon as possible before the depression declines.

Most teens do not seek the help that they need and the symtoms get worse as time goes on. The good news is that most people can be helped if they get the appropriate treatment. How do I tell if my child is suffering from some kind of depression?

A Few Signs Of Clinical Depression

Feelings of guilt for no reason, crying regularly, and feeling fatigued or restless all the time are all signs of depression. Sleep patterns can also shift resulting in sleeping long hours or conversely, not getting adequate sleep. Eating habits can also alter as either the individual will eat more or begin losing their appetite.

The child can feel that nothing positive ever occurs or that nothing good will ever happen again and life appears hollow. Negative feelings will become prevelant and a loss of feelings in general can occur.

Maybe the activities that you liked or brought you happiness no longer bring these feelings. Things such as music, sports, or even just going out and doing things with your friends or family. Instead of doing these things, you now feel like being alone and not being bothered. You also may feel irritated at very minor matters and lose your temper and overreact.

These are simply a few of the signs of depression and as noted earlier, if you or someone you know has these feelings regularly, please seek help. There are options out there including counseling but at least tell someone close to you that you or someone you love needs help and has a problem.

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