Depression Can Change You

By admin / March 15, 2008
By: Shanat Kuphur
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Depression is a mental state or a behavioural change in the human body. Depression is caused by many reasons such as loss of a family member, feeling of not able to perform at work or school, getting insulted, etc. Science shows that this behavioural change in the human beings is because there is not enough pressure and importance given to a particular part of the brain said to be the "pleasing point", which helps the person to change his/ her behaviour and not feel sad. There are two types of depression firstly something which is news and has happened to change the behaviour of the person and such type of depression can be easily cured. The other type is when a person may get a shock and goes into a trauma and is not ready to accept the truth, this type of behaviour is very severe and is the most difficult to cure. Though there are many people who face depression not many are into a severe one. Depression may even bring a very different change in a person and can quite literally change a person into a vegetable. If a person is prey to severe depression then it may also happen that the person may not be able to speak or at times even respond. In such type of depression the victim must be treated but to get the depressed person back to normal, additional care must be taken or even small things may upset the depressed person in a very strange manner. A depressed person may not be of a specific age i.e. any human being may be prey to depression, be it a 5 year old or a 90 year old but the person may be affected more as age increases. For example: an infant may not feel as depressed as a young lad on the loss of their father. This is because the infant may not have the mental capability to understand the emotions but the young lad is attached to the family and understands the social world as well. So the state of depression may be higher in the young lad but this may not be true in all cases because if the infant has already formed a strong bond then it may affect the infant. It can be said that emotions play a very vast role. To get a person out of depression is not a very easy task as it may be very difficult to even communicate with the person. In this stage hypnotism is what the cure is. It is proved by science that the best way to cure a person from the mental stage of depression is hypnotism, but not many believe the same, they feel that that hypnotism may affect the person more and may also take the victim into a more depressed mood. But science has evolved and there is advanced study done on the same to help the people, compact discs are available for purchase over the Internet and all one may need to do is help the depressed to listen to the discs. This may sound very difficult at start but when the depressed person listens to the same it will bring about positive changes. The person needs to be is alone so that here is no disturbance around. About the author: For more information on self help for depression and how to overcoming depression check the links.

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