Assess Your Competition

By admin / January 8, 2008
By: Rachel Lukasavige
Category: Depression

Would you believe that by making one simple change you could increase your likelihood of success? Would you also believe that the success you would achieve could carry over to multiple aspects of your life? I am challenging you today to consider incorporating this change into everything you do. I promise you will not regret it.

The change I want you to make is to stop competing with others. Too many people feel they are not good enough because they see what others are doing and compare their own results. It is not reasonable to compare ourselves with anyone besides us.

Why do people vow to spend more time at the gym, then fall off the wagon? What happens that makes people go back to old eating habits? When we compare ourselves to others, many times we expect to do as well as they have. When we do not, we are disappointed. (Remember that individual results may vary). When we set our expectations too high and the outcome is not what we thought it would be we tend to get frustrated, discouraged, and eventually give up. This can pertain to our health, our careers, our relationships, or our finances.

We all come from unique backgrounds and have experienced different setbacks and achievements. If you were a factory worker making widgets and only produced 50 on your first day as compared to Joe who has been there for ten years and produces 500 a day, is that a fair comparison? Of course not. So why do we go to the gym and compare themselves to others who may have been working out for months or years?

Another problem with comparing ourselves to others is that when we get ahead, we naturally want to slow down. We have to be careful of compromising our own potential.

Challenge yourself to stop competing with others and give 100% to everything you do. If you are worried about what other people are doing you are not focused enough on your own success.

Tell yourself that you are going to give your personal best and then go out and see what that means. Do not worry about how well others are performing, or the fact that your friend is sticking to her healthy eating habits better than you.

When you start to focus on you and realize that you are your only competition, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

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